Hiya, I'm Amy

I help people like you to start, grow and develop businesses. No more splintered services. Here the help you get is well rounded, based directly on your needs and is designed with your 'whole life, whole business' in mind

Life and business by design

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Whole Life,

Whole Business

Your work doesn't have to kill you slowly, overwhelm your senses and hinder your personal life. It just doesn't.

Building a business can and should be part of making work, work for you.

It's my strong belief that help at any stage of business should be three things.

Accessible, inclusive and individual.

 (bonus points if you sang 'strong beliefs' you my friend are my people)

The Amy Johnson

Where consultancy support meets a done for you service

But hey, where are you at in your business journey?

Click on the one that fits you best for more info!

The Boost Package 


Build a business doing what I love, earn an income and focus on being healthy physically, mentally and financially. I know that there's a way to build the right foundations so that my business and I can go from strength to strength without burning myself out or wasting lots of time and money BUT I just don't know what I don't know and I can't do what I can't do. I need to start small with my business investment but I desperately want to make it work...

The Progress Package


Use what I've learned so far to springboard my biz. I want it to grow and start really making waves in my life. I've some systems in place (sort of) I have lots of potential and I feel stuck and overwhelmed with how I can do everything that needs to be done. I want more from my business now BUT I don't always know where to start, I get bogged down, my to-do list is always unfinished and I'm so busy with where I'm at I just don't have enough time to figure it out by myself...

The All-Access Package


Build out my business so that I'm working less, making the most of my income and living my best life. I want to level up my back end whilst maintaining integrity and quality. Expand, perhaps add additional income streams and really create that next step of 'life by design' BUT I need help. I need support, someone who can stop me from being the bottleneck in my business and someone to take some of the weight of the day to day so that I can still earn whilst rediscovering that I'm the visionary of my business and life mission 

£97 per month - no tie in.

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£197 per month - no tie in.

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£350 per month - no tie in.

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What They’re Sayin’…

Amy! I honestly don’t know what I would do without you right now. The support you are giving me is overwhelmingly fabulousand the progress WE are making is perfect.


Helen Pretty

Accounting Coach, Pretty Successful Careers

Amy, I feel you have made an incredible, responsive, approachable and positive difference to the business. 



It’s all foreign to me so thank God you know what you’re doing!

OMG how good does it all look!

Georgia Hamilton

Modern Romance Author, The Point Series