What Season are you in?

The great Jim Rohn is revered in circles intent on self development. One of the ways he Untitled design (6)explains what self education, self development and hard work are to us in our lives is to explain life and business like the 4 seasons of the year. This relates to everybody, even people that poo poo self development. When I first heard Jim Rohn explain it like this it resonated with me and I hope it does with you too. I wont do it justice but here is my version.

Life is like the seasons. What you plant in spring you harvest in autumn. Sometimes you have a harsh winter but you can weather that storm IF you have had a good harvest. Summer is the time to nurture and protect your seed. Love what you have planted, feed, water and encourage its growth.

This is so incredibly relevant to life – now it doesn’t have to mirror the physical seasons but you will find you have them all:

Spring – You are starting out on some new paths. You know some things need to change. Maybe you’re thinking of changing jobs or about going back to school, it may be as simple as deciding to redecorate. You make a plan and you begin to start.

You are planting your seed

Summer – You’re learning and doing all it takes to do well, to achieve or be financially savvy. You’re networking, collecting information, storing what you need and moving your growth onto the next level.

You are nurturing your planting from spring.

Autumn – This is where you begin to see the fruits of your labour. You begin to reap the rewards, you get promoted or get a pay-rise. Your savings become healthier or you buy lots of new clothes to fit your new healthier body.

You are reaping your harvest

Winter – Inevitably things happen that can make life a little harder. You could have an unexpected expense or suffer a setback.

This is your winter and you have to plow through it.

What I took from this is, simply put, you get out of your life and business what you put in. I’m not just talking sheer grunt. I’m talking building those relationships putting time and effort into them, putting in that legwork for the deal of a lifetime, starting to go to the gym 3 times a week or ditching that twice weekly pizza for a homemade loaded salad. I’m talking about taking up new challenges at work, finding out what your employer wants to see from you to progress to the next stage and then working hard to exceed it.

There is a difference between hard work and effort and doing only what you have to – same old, same old to get by. Its about investing in yourself, your circle and your business. Not just financially but all the other ways that matter.

So, let me ask you. Think about what you’re doing, think about your goals and think about where you are at. What season are you in?

In the meantime, thanks for reading.

A x


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