Time Blocking – A simple tool to help you feel like you’ve made a dent on your to do list!

Untitled design (7)So you bought some paperwork home from the office, the washing up is in the sink, your clothes for tomorrow aren’t ready and you have that hen party to plan. You haven’t spoken to your mum in a number of days and you desperately need to shave your legs and run the hoover round all while prepping your babies bottles and folding the laundry. There are just not enough hours in the day right?

Truth is it can feel that way. As I sit here typing this most of the above statements are true for me. It’s easy to feel the overwhelm but I use a very simple method to manage my time when I feel like that. You may have heard of it – it’s called time blocking.

For those of you that haven’t heard of it its simply dedicating a small amount of time to doing one thing and one thing only. it’s less multi tasking and more focused tasking. When I feel the overwhelm creeping in I make a list of maximum of 5 things to do. These for me tend to be the things that are bugging me the most at that moment – the ones that are creating that buzzy fly sensation just at the back of my mind. For example:

  1. Washing up
  2. Making beds
  3. Emailing those 5 customers to confirm our appointments this week
  4. Tweaking that report
  5. Double checking that customers works have been closed down/logged

Now, I use a very non scientific method to begin my little time blocking sesh! I use the adverts during my favourite TV show!! It’s AMAZING how much I can get done in those 3 minutes because I don’t want to miss the next criminal to be questioned in Law and Order SVU or that next love fest in Grey Anatomy.

I always start with the washing up myself – seems to me that I feel a weirdly wonderful sense of achievement and that spurs me on for the rest. I don’t use huge chunks of time. at most I try 20 and I am strict. Often using a small chunk of time and working furiously on it means that I get more clarity, more productive and quite simply more done. You’ve heard the saying that sometimes done is better than perfect!

Let me know if you use time blocking – do you have a method or do you wing it on occasion? If you haven’t ever tried it but decide to now let me know how you get on.

In the meantime, thanks for reading.

A x

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