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Invest in yourself


It’s not easy is it? We are conditioned to make way for everyone else and work our socks of for other peoples dreams because it’s selfish to work on our own. We clock in at our 9-5’s and we lose a little of ourselves everyday.

Have you ever heard people talking about what they would do if the won the lottery? Buy a house, a new car, travel the world, set the kids up for life, give to the poor.

I want to ask you why you don’t invest in yourself? Why is it selfish to build a successful and happy life? I am not simply talking financially successful. Success has many faces. In my eyes they are:

  1. Having strong, committed and healthy relationships with friends, family and partners that encourage your growth and support your dreams
  2. Being the best you can be in your chosen career
  3. Having a healthy body and healthy mind
  4. Being financially secure
  5. Time
  6. Self appreciation

Investing in yourself could be so many things. What it isn’t is binging on one thing so fully that you neglect the others. Investing in yourself means spending proper time with your people. Make time for them and they will make time for you (if they’re the right people) switch the phones off, find out about each others days, dance, play games, walk in the park and celebrate each other. Shower each other with love and affection and you will be amazed at how each of you blossom.

Give your attention to your job 100% whilst you are there, find out what you need to find out to be in the position you want to be in BUT if you want more out of life than lining someone else’s pockets then you also need to stop when you’re supposed to stop and put 110% into your career goals. Want to own your own business? Start it and work your backside off.

Eat what fits your healthy. Every person is different, hormones, existing health issues and constraints, physical requirements for work etc. Find your nutrition and stick to it. Then move your body, strengthen it, build your muscles and use it properly. Take care of your body (after all this is your house) it keeps you keeping on and enables you to do all the good stuff. You wouldn’t crash your car on purpose or fill a petrol car with diesel would you. You deserve to look after yourself.

Financial security can come even without the afore mentioned lottery win but you have to be strict with yourself. Invest wisely, seek advice, don’t waste what you have, and hustle.

You need to give yourself time. Thinking time, working time, eating right time, family time. You’ve got exactly the same 24 hours as every body else – you can make them work for you but that 4 hours watching back to back Only Fools and Horses that’s eating into your yoga and self development time, that is not going to help. Reading, researching, bathing or even proper teeth brushing.

Look at all that you have achieved and be proud of it. If you’re living in a hovel, you are one up from not having a home, it’s a start. If you did well at work tell your family and celebrate your achievement. It’s not gloating it’s appreciating your own hard work. We pat our kids on the back to encourage them to keep putting in the effort. We let our colleagues know we are thankful for helping us out because we understand the pressure they’re under and yet still they took out the time to help you. It’s about time you tell yourself the same stuff.

Invest in yourself and soon others will invest in you too.

Let me know how you do this and in the meantime, thank you for reading.

A x

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