Don’t touch my mess you’ll screw up my world…

When I was about 11 my family (mum, dad, brother and 2 dogs) went to Hopton on aUntitled design (17) family holiday and I bought a small door plaque as my keepsake. It had that very phrase on it and it stayed stuck to my bedroom door until we relocated when I was 14.

You see my mum was and still is, very proud of her home and is very tidy. I on the other hand am naturally not. Don’t get me wrong I need things reasonably neat and things also need a place to live I am just not very good at always getting things into their homes on a daily basis. It often ends up being pushed to one side until a Saturday morning.

The truth is that when I’m organised on a daily basis, tidy and sorted I feel so much more capable. My mind is clearer, I’m more productive and I simply feel happier.

I find that the more mess there is, the more sorting I need to do, the more easily stressed and agitated I become and I believe that limits my success during these periods.

If you’re like me then there’s good news. You just need to tweak your habits slightly, for me that time blocking I mentioned in a previous post works wonders for this. And no you don’t need expensive organisational tools or equipment. It’s all about 5 things. Asking yourself these questions when you decide where things live and what routine you need to add and you’ll make your life so much easier in the long run.

1) is it easy and convenient to do/put away on a daily basis – if the answer is no then you’ll last maybe 3 days before the pull of something more interesting or pressing stops you in your tracks.

2) does it or will it look better/neater after doing it that way or putting it there than if you changed nothing – if the answer is no it will drive you nuts and you’ll end up hating it.

3) is it easy for others in the household to do the same – if you live with anyone old enough to pick up after themselves then it should really be something that they are able to do too. You’ll end up resenting the process and maybe even the person if you make it so it can only be you that has the responsibility of that.

4) would you be ok with a house guest to see it as it is? The location/aesthetics and general process should withstand the embarrassment and awkward factor when a guest comes round. If you feel like you have to justify it, it means you still feel cluttered.

5) does it make your life easier. If it’s no then I think that speaks for itself.

I’ve been spring cleaning this weekend and consistently asked myself these questions. I’ve now got a far more ‘user friendly’ and organised space and I feel the weight of the world has lifted from my shoulders. Tidy home, tidy mind!!

In the interests of full disclosure – this is a free stock photo and not my home office!

Do you have any useful tips? If so, pop them in a comment below as it would be great to hear from you.

In the meantime, thank you for reading,

A x

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