Laser focus – My top 5 tips

Untitled design (7)One of the issues with so much tech and such ‘busy’ lives is the sheer level of distraction.

Unpopular opinion I know but lets be frank, busy does not mean you’re being particularly productive and access to all the tech in the world does not mean you’re any better organised.

In all the noise and the ‘everything is important’ kind of world we live in all you need to really get ahead is laser focus. It’s easy to say but can be tough to achieve. Especially if like me, you can lie to yourself quite easily about whether you’re focused or not.

I have a few things that I do when I need to get focused and need to set myself up to be productive.

Here are my top 5 tips to laser focus.

1) First things first. Be brutal and turn off the tv or podcast or YouTube and put your phone on silent. If you need background noise I’d suggest getting something upbeat but instrumental to play. It should motivate not distract.

2) Make your to do list first thing with your top 5 items only. You cannot laser focus on 100 things. Sometimes I spend 20 minutes listing absolutely everything then I grab a cuppa and spend the next 10 minutes picking out the top 5.

3) Next, prioritise these 5 by deadlining yourself – If they have a ‘well it doesn’t really matter when’ vibe it will always be put to the back of a pile and ultimately you’ll never really focus on it.

4) This step throws back to one of my recent blog posts -time block. Schedule an adequate but limited amount of time for each within your deadline. This is where your tech comes in useful. Set a timer and stick to it like glue.

5) Remember to make sure you have the necessary equipment BEFORE you start. And when the time is up STOP.

Right now, if you’re struggling to get things done and your reading this to get tips on focus then we all know that done is better than perfect.

As your ability and subsequent efficiency improves so will the level of done-perfect. Like anything, laser focus is a skill you learn and improve on so keep practising.

Keep hustling, try these tips and let me know how you get on.

In the meantime, thanks for reading.

A x

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