Mum Life and how does it fit with all this….

What does have to do with self development or business support or health and fitness I Untitled design (11)hear you ask? Well for me I have to say it has EVERYTHING to do with them.

You see I realised a few years ago that I am not one of those people that wants my life to be in little boxes. All the things I kept in the little boxes were for the same purpose weren’t they? And surely if they weren’t they would be counter intuitive.

DING DING DING – I had an epiphany! If all my boxes were just off centre then this whole thing was unstable. It was about time I got into alignment.

There is a lot we all read and hear about finding your soul mate in love, finding your soul mate clients in business and feeding your soul in self development but what we don’t hear is how they are all at their very core, all intertwined. I do not believe that you can have one without the others, not for overall success anyway.

My son is 13 and I have spent years working my bum off at companies that understand my responsibility as a parent but who are also businesses before friend zones. They don’t care that Josh had a bad dream and needed me to have a slow start to the day to reassure him. And whilst they appreciate that I should help him with his homework they don’t get that my creative juices and productivity peak at 10 pm because spending time with him with no distractions whilst we are both awake and it’s light recharges me.

Lets be honest. My business, my clients, my self development and my health and fitness are all linked to 1 thing, me and like any parent I am inextricably linked to my child. Mum life has everything to do with success in every aspect of these things.

If I were to ask my son what his greatest memory of being little was he wouldn’t say ‘When mum worked long hours away from home’ he would most likely say his favourite memories are when we sing in the car when I pick him up from school or when we swam in the pool all day long and talked about what he wants to be when he grows up. It might be when I taught him to make curry or when we played chess together.

I spent a long time asking myself what was more important than those memories and I realised I cannot have one without the other. The things I value with him I cannot attain if I am unhappy and unsuccessful in other aspects of my life such as lack of money or the way I feel in my own skin or the sense that I am stagnating.

I decided that in order to create those happy memories love alone would not cut it. (Though obvs this is the key to life full stop, nuff said) I  decided that I needed to ensure that my daily actions in business, health and fitness and in self development were ALL in alignment with our family.

So what does that mean in business?

It means that, in terms of my ‘day job’ Josh has been to my offices and my sites and he has met the people I work with and I talk to him about my day, good bad or otherwise, as I encourage him to do with me. This has created a sense of connection for all of us, my colleagues appreciate my family and my family appreciates the work that I do. I’m lucky in that I get to appreciate them both.

It means that I am actively building my client list so that I can work for others doing the things I am skilled at on a full time, work from home basis. I’m not there yet but it’s my 2 year goal and whilst Josh will likely fly the nest shortly thereafter I believe that the fact he will still have that knowledge that I am available to him will be a strong foundation for his future too.

It means that my business has the very best of me because I am not feeling like I am neglecting my family and home to be there, there is no sense of disdain at my work or towards the people I work with because by me supporting the business in alignment with my family life, the business is supporting us. I would even go so far as to say that working flexibly, from home motivates me to be better, be more productive and provide an even more stellar service – in my eyes that’s a win win!

So what does it mean for my self development?

Well, it means that I show my son the power of self development and growth. That he learns from me to evolve his skills, expand his mind and continue to educate himself. It is a fundamental key to anyone’s long term success. Take Madonna – constantly reinventing herself, expanding her skill sets and connecting to like minded people. Or Richard Branson. He certainly doesn’t sit on his laurels watching the cheques roll in. He is revolutionizing himself at every opportunity – his family is now taking up that mantle!

Mum life and self development go hand in hand. When Josh was born his first nappy did not include a user guide (It contained something far more…green!) and for all the books and you tube videos available in the world that learning curve was steep! If I can develop my skills to nurture the life of another human being I am damned sure I’m going to put those skills to use in other aspects of my life and I am for sure going to lead by example and teach him to do the same. Not only did self development take a steep incline when he was born but he is a teenager now. My skills include what they always did – chef, bodyguard, housekeeper and jester but now they also include coach, tutor, mentor, health advocate, counseller, relationship expert and sounding board. Those skills cost a lot at degree level and boy am I having to dig deep at times. Self development should be a part of every life element. Being a mum teaches you to self develop so we can absolutely transfer that lesson to new skills.

So what does it mean for my health and fitness?

Simply put it means that I have to be physically and mentally as healthy as my body will allow in order to support all of the above. Health is as much a choice as it is genetic. Don’t get me wrong, there are diseases, disabilities and illnesses that are not choices however, your health within that bracket is absolutely a choice. The late Stephen Hawking is probably the greatest evidence of that.

I choose to exercise daily and eat nutritiously not in spite of my health but because I enjoy feeling healthier. Feeling healthier allows me the energy and physical function I require to work hard, to be an actively involved parent and to continue my personal growth.

Do you think all of the above are intertwined? Or in the nicest possible way, do you think I am talking out of my rear end? Comment below with your thoughts.

In the meantime, thanks for reading.

A x

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