Attraction Marketing

If you’re in business large, small or otherwise this is a phrase that has been bandied Untitled design (12)around for a few years now. The term itself is simple and simply means that you are attracting customers to you and your business.

Why is that new, that’s what everyone does right? Wrong. Selling and attraction marketing are linked however, they are undertaken and perceived in a very different manner. It’s the difference between:

A) Getting DM’s / cold calls / junk mail from someone saying they want you to buy into their special wraps/shakes/cleaning system, whatever it is they want you to buy and seeing someones progress and:

B) Watching and experiencing someones progress through their materials be it social media or other and being attracted to purchase without the hard sell.

It’s about building relationships and sharing information so that the client wants to work with you/buy your product.

  1. Offer information and evidence that shows that you are providing a quality product or service. Not spiel – make it authentic and be honest. It’s you that your potential customers are learning to trust
  2. Make sure that the content you are putting out suits the market of clients you’re hoping to attract and that it evidences your understanding of their needs and limitations
  3. Offer incentives and content that gives them a taste of what is to come and that addressed some of their needs
  4. Be consistent in this approach, it builds trust and people come to expect to hear from you
  5. Communicate, follow up and engage with your potential clients.

It’s not a guarantee that you will be successful, and there are many people that can help you with any one or all of these items. The main thing is building trust and communicating. Build your brand, build your evidence, be honest and human and talk to your clients regularly. It’s their needs you want to address.

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