What is a social media campaign

Untitled design (12)Simply put a social media campaign is a modern marketing tool utilising social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Much like the traditional marketing methods the aim is simple, boost brand awareness with the intention of bringing in business.

If you’re a social media user like the majority of the population, you will have seen campaigns all over the place. From sponsored ads and shared posts to brands that like posting within their own pages. It’s not restricted to big business either. Social media campaigns are run by huge companies such as Virgin to clothing brands like The Gap right down to your local personal trainer.

Clearly the rapid growth of social media with its convenience and ability to interact has not gone unnoticed by businesses. Of course the idea behind a campaign is to use content to create interest and engage your customers. The trick is to post content such as text, pictures and videos that your target market connect with and take action on.

With that in mind, a successful social media campaign has 5 key principles.

  1. Define your actual audience – it’s easy to want to appeal to EVERYONE but its a misconception that you can. All that will happen will be that you spread your campaign too widely and it misses the majority of the people it would actually entice. So break this down and get detailed wherever possible e.g. age range/gender/location/salary range.
  2. Break down the goal of your campaign – If you don’t have a goal, how can you expect to achieve it. You need to decide why you need this campaign. I.e is it to introduce a new product, expand your target market, bring in new customers, increase buying from existing customers. With this information you can define what kind of content you will need.
  3. Research – Explore the kind of content that your target market is exposed to from your competitors. You need to be seen as the preferred option so get to know what makes you stand out to your chosen audience. You want to make your audience notice you and care about what you’re saying.
  4. Effective timing and content creation – Checking when your posts will get the most visibility and interaction is key. There’s no point posting if the people you want to see it don’t. And then there’s what you’re posting. Did you know that visual content is 40% more likely to be shared?
  5. Finally, review and analyse the data – check the stats from your campaign to learn from it and better tailor your next one.

If you’re still not convinced, pick your favourite brand and check out their social media. Check out how regularly they post. How striking their images/videos are. Check whether they have much interaction from and with their customers on these posts.

If you’re on Facebook, you can often see how many times videos have been viewed and  shared. On all platforms, check out the hashtags that are used/and any comments or calls to action they have given.

Do you think a campaign could help your business? Or have you tried and not quite hit the sweet spot?

Thank you for reading.

A x

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