Writers Block

Untitled design (4)Ahhh the inevitable yet still surprisingly frustrating writers block.

If like me you have been writing a lot lately for other people and need to get your own content up it can be a little disheartening. After all you write fluidly for every other person, all their topics but when it comes to your own – bam! Nothing, your stuck.

How bloody frustrating!

For me, my brain just doesn’t want to settle on one idea enough to write a whole post about it. It’s like my thought process becomes nothing more than a dictionary in a blender. The words are all there, they’re simply not making coherent sentences.

What’s worse is that when this happens, I am tempted to start 27 different novels, watch a movie, make up dinners for the month and even do the dreaded ironing…All of a sudden everything needs to be done all at once.

I HATE writers block but I realised that I struggle with it when the ADHD part of my brain collides abruptly with the methodical part of my brain and there are a few things that I do to *try* to combat it.

  1. I give myself some distance from what I should be doing by doing something completely different – often manual/physical. For me this is a workout or a good scrub of the bathroom, mowing the lawn. If something physical isn’t possible I get myself engrossed in something, a funny podcast or an episode of a TV show.
  2. I look back through saved drafts or old notes, often inspiration will click and I can re-write what I have already done, better, bolder and hopefully more interesting than ever before.
  3. I jot down (using bullet points) every single thought that comes into my head for 5 solid minutes. Everything. Often I find that when writers block hits it’s not because I am not inspired but more because I am utterly chocablock with ideas, to do lists and ‘miscellaneous’ and all those thoughts just don’t have a home yet to give them clarity.
  4. I phone a friend and talk to them about all sorts of rubbish. Sometimes you just have to get out of your own head.
  5. I time block. When the road seems long it becomes a never ending expanse and that in and of itself can cause the daunt. Sometimes I will set an alarm on my phone for 30-45 minutes and simply write for exactly that amount of time.

I hope these help you a little, sometimes you just have to succumb to it for a short while.

Thanks for reading.

A x

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