LastPass and why I use it

Untitled design (7)When I first start speaking with a potential client, especially one who has never used a Virtual Assistant before I get a lot of questions, often they are centred around the fear and difficulty we have as humans of relinquishing control.

It’s absolutely essential when building a business relationship that both parties feel safe and secure. After all, these are businesses and there is nothing wrong with wanting an added layer of security.

Over the last few months I’ve gotten more and more requests to support my clients social media efforts, their emails and their auto responders but everyone of these potential customers is rightly nervous. Not rightly because I’m of a dodgy persuasion (though I am sure my son would tell you differently!), but because it’s entirely reasonable to want to protect your reputation and overall business security.

Often, my clients already have an idea of how they would prefer to do things in relation to what information to share and how. If they don’t, then I always recommend that my clients use LastPass because of that very reason. If you haven’t heard of it LastPass is, for want of a better phrase, a password manager. It uses high level encryption to keep all of your passwords secure, even from them. You simply create an account and set up a master password which will allow you access to your vault and it has the ability to securely store not just passwords but addresses, notes and bank/payment details too should you need it to.

If you are using LastPass you then have the ability to share access with a third party such as myself. I can’t see your passwords but whilst you grant me access I can log in to the relevant accounts as long as I too use LastPass. You can withdraw this access at anytime and since I will never have seen your login information I will immediately be unable to access any of your accounts.

One of my favourite aspects is one of the most simple, it can generate secure passwords  for you, ones that are much better than you can imagine yourself (no more using your dogs name, your year of birth and the occasional asterisk!).

You can even store notes with attached documents in there – accessible from any device as long as you’ve loaded on your LastPass account. I still use the free version myself at the moment because it has allowed me everything I require up to this point but, like with any of these platforms, you can find an all singing all dancing version for a small cost.

Do you use LastPass or something similar?

As always, your comments, likes and shares help small businesses like The Amy Johnson stay visible and I really appreciate your support.

Thanks for reading,

A x

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