Do You Have An Ideal Client?

If you’re a small business, especially one that continues to strive in your own learningUntitled design (17) and growing your skill set you will have likely heard the buzz phrase ‘ideal client’ and working with people and businesses you feel ‘aligned’ with.

There is a hell of a lot to be said for bringing in an income and sometimes you will feel that you just have to take whatever job is being offered to make sure you can make rent that month. That being said I am a firm believer in working with people that you trust, that resonate with you and that value your work.

Let’s break down what ideal client means to me. For me my ideal client is someone that:

  • I can build a long term business relationship with
  • Whose business practices and goals I can get behind
  • A personality that energises me
  • Understands the value that I bring
  • That is willing and able to pay my fee
  • Respects my opinion even if they don’t agree with it
  • Plans on being successful
  • That is willing to push themselves and their business forward
  • Is honest
  • Who is willing to try new things
  • They are women (for now)
  • Between the ages of 28 and 45 in the first 3 years of their business
  • They have big plans to build financial independence through their business
  • They’re funny, smart and with a filthy sense of humour, passionate about what they do but also realistic about it being a business not just a passion project
  • They live in the UK (at the moment)

There are a lot more factors but I know the people I work with already tick every one of those check boxes. You see, one of the many benefits of being your own boss is that you really do get to choose who you work with.

I learned this lesson, as you may recall I recently worked with a business that I felt ticked most of those boxes but would give me a nice weekly income. However; rather disappointingly, they didn’t pay me my fee. For me not only is that poor business practice but it shows a huge disrespect for me and the skill and time it takes to support my clients.  I wrote about it here and of course, I did the only sensible thing and gave them the big heave ho.

Not only is it super important to figure out who your ideal client is but in doing so you give yourself a boost because if you know who they are you know where they will be, you know what their pain points are and you can cater specifically for that.

There are a number of ways you can drill down into who your ideal client may be.

I am a lover of a good old fashioned brain storming session. I would say that you always start with you and your business first, what is it you do i.e. your service or product. What does that take to do/produce, what is your price point and how much do you have to do/sell in order to meet your income goals now and in the next 12 months?

Then drill down into who you want to serve and be honest because, lets face it, you can’t pay the mortgage with positive feedback and good karma. You CAN absolutely give back but you need to be earning first. Think face mask on an aeroplane in an emergency, sort yourself first and then you will be in the best position to help more people.

So, who do you want and need to be working with. Including but not limited to;







How and where they shop for similar products/services

Average income

Level of education

Relationship Status

Children Y/N

Pain Points

Values and Goals

You should also look at your existing client base, the ones that you enjoy working with, that meet all of your ideal client check boxes, where do they fall in with the above? Also, you need to check your analytics – if you are thinking your ideal client is a 30-40 year old, local single mum with children under the age of 10 but your analytics show men between the ages of 18 and 24 based on another continent are looking at your content then either your ideal client list is wrong or you’re marketing is drawing the wrong attention.

Have you broken down exactly who it is that you want to work with? Imagine them as an actual person or an actual business and look back at your content. How would it help them? Do you think the tags would be the sort they would search for?

It’s an interesting exercise and one you should recap from time to time as you and your business evolves!

Let me know who your ideal client is.

Thank you for taking the time to like, comment or share this post. It really helps keep The Amy Johnson visible and I really appreciate your support.

Thanks for reading,

A x

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