Do The Work!

Untitled design (3)I have a little bit of frustration at the moment, the frustration of seeing the highlight reels saying ‘you don’t need to grind to have the life of your dreams’. There is this misconception out there that you can rake it in and be ‘successful’ without grafting.

Oh my days, this is when easy access to the internet and social media do irritate me. The key is in the catch. You see when someone says something like that it’s because they are targeting what they believe is your pain point. The pain of working all the hours to pay for a lifestyle you’re too exhausted to enjoy. I am not averse to doing less and bringing in more what frustrates me is the illusion that you can get to that point overnight.

Unless you get a big fat inheritance or win the lottery you are going to have to do the damned work. Hustle has become a dirty word but much like anything else the word only has the power you give it.

When I see these AMAZING business women living life on beaches and in fancy hotels I know without a shadow of a doubt that they have earned it. Take network marketing. I think it’s a bloody brilliant business model – people earn income by selling products and services, by then getting commissions off of team success as they recruit more people to do the same. In the right hands it is very successful but don’t for a second think that the people in the top 10 of their businesses didn’t work bloody hard to get there. They talk to everyone about their business, they use the products and services and they share what happens to them because of it. They put themselves and their business out there EVERY SINGLE DAY. They teach others to do the same and they mentor them to success. They teach their students how to teach their students and so on and so forth. They use pockets of time, and literally put 85% of their world on social media for public consumption.  They also travel, work from home around their families and have a lifestyle most of us only ever dream about. They have EARNED that lifestyle and the better they are at it the more successful it is!

Or take the incredibly successful business coaches that are earning their regular 6 figure months. They have earned their stripes. They have trained, coached, spent thousands on coaching themselves. They have put in place systems and processes and created webinars, courses and printables. These can potentially provide them with passive income so they can continue to earn money from them after that first run of them but do you think they just fell into their drop box by accident? No they spent hours crafting all of this.

The moral of the story is that you CAN have that lifestyle you have dreamed of for so long but it will come as a direct result of you doing the work!

Hard work is not a dirty phrase. Fruitless labour is but no, work hard, hone your craft and put the tools, plans and systems in place!

What work can you do today that will move you one step closer to that lifestyle?

Your likes, shares and comments make a huge difference to the visibility of small businesses like The Amy Johnson so I wanted you to know it means a lot.

Thanks for reading,

A x

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