3 Uses of Psychological Principles in Your Business

Does psychology play a part in your client experience?Untitled design (16)


I hate to admit it but we see the use of psychological tricks of the trade used every single day in marketing, sales and customer service.

No matter what we believe about ourselves we are all susceptible to all of the above. There are so many ways I could demonstrate the use of psychological triggers but I will limit it to one method per process.

Ever re-used your towels in a hotel room and then only put a dirty one in the bath/shower cubicle when you left? That message they stick on mirrors etc is a form of psychological marketing. It creates a relatable message called ‘In-Group favouritism’

You may notice that the message on the sticker says something like “80% of customers in this room reuse their towels. Re-using and then leaving only your dirty towels in the shower cubicle is helpful to the environment and lowers our carbon footprint”. That first line makes you feel that people just like you are doing this and so should you.

But why is this important? Well, if you appreciate this and work on it, you will explore your customer/client needs more. If you understand your ideal clients needs more you will be able to produce better marketing materials and will laser focus your efforts. Imagine if you could literally talk to your next perfect customer one on one with your next social media post. That’s the power of psychology in marketing thousands may see it but the people who are just like the people you want to buy it will HEAR your message.

So we’ve talked a little about the psychology of the marketing strategy but it’s one thing to resonate with someone and it’s entirely another to get them parting with their cold hard cash so, what about the psychology of getting the sale?

I have been speaking to one of my clients this week about the breadcrumbs. This is what I call leading the potential client to your service or product and this is part of your marketing strategy. If you think of it as a good old fashioned flow chart you’ll see it links into the sale beautifully and can allow you to close the deal.

You’ve shared what value you can give them, you have resonated on a ‘people just like you have seen a 50% return on investment’ basis and now you want them to make a payment and buy your service/product but how can you use psychology to do that?

Well, one of the best examples I can give you is the phenomenon that we have called FOMO (fear of missing out) it’s why you will often see offers saying ‘Only two left’ or ‘50% sales ends at midnight’ this breeds an urgency and the FOMO factor kicks in. It’s one of those that should only be used genuinely and on occasion. If you use it all the time it actually makes you lack credibility and people lose faith in your genuineness.

You’ve marketed well, you’ve got that sale but what about aftercare? One of the best adverts for your business is a happy client so what psychological principles can you use here? The simplest is the personal touch. Making someone feel like you are talking to them and only them really latches on to their sense of their level of importance to you.

Have you ever received a generic email that you know is simply a mailshot? Did you read it? Did it make you feel good? How about when that mailshot addressed you personally and thanked you for your recent order of XYZ and then mentioned the other product you were looking at, maybe even asking what you thought about it?

Different story right? Earlier this year, research found that businesses that personalised their service like this saw a 19% increase on returning customer purchases. That’s a hell of a leap just by acknowledging that the psychopathy of people is that we love to be treated like important individuals.

Of course there are many ways you can implement the use of the psychology principles in your business. I know when I write my clients copy I am always thinking about their ideal client so that I can tailor these items to them. It’s the bedrock of freelance writing but you don’t have to hire someone like me to do this for you.

If you don’t have the money to do this have a think about what your marketing, sales and aftercare do that ties in these principles. Always consider morals over money – people can tell when you’re just out for a quick buck so make sure you provide them with the value they’re seeking along with utilising suitable psychological triggers,

What are you currently doing that really talks to your clients?

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A x




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