Your Tribe Is The Biggest Secret To Your Success

Untitled design (13)What is the difference between a football player with a team, coach and manager and a footballer without those things?

The ability to do what they love.

Wow. Simple as that.

Without people around a footballer encouraging them, showing them skills they don’t yet have, helping them stay focused and to train, to share the highs and lows with and run along side them regardless, the footballer is just a dreamer.

Until the last year or so I never had the bottle to really put myself out there. Not in the way I dreamed but that is all changing and it is all to do with two things:

  1. I opened up to people around me about what I really wanted to do.
  2. I have built a network of people that are super supportive in whatever capacity they are in in my life.

Support is enormously important in any area of your life but think about your business career as the playing of football, as in the analogy.

Making sure you surround yourself with people that support that dream is key. Cheerleaders are great but you also need a manager, a coach, and a team. I’m not talking about hiring lots of different people but simply ensuring that you spend time with like minded people, people who are where you want to be, people who have the skills you don’t and know the things you don’t yet know will see you raise your game and succeed in a way you never dreamed was really possible.

Your circle of friends, family, peers, and acquaintances will have a direct impact on your business. Their presence in your life will affect how inspired you are. They will have an impact on how motivated you feel and ultimately how productive you will be.

I can’t make you look for your tribe. I can’t force your people to be supportive and I can’t express clearly enough how important it is to your whole world.

I’m not going to tell you to get out of toxic relationships work/love/friends or otherwise. You’re big enough to know whether a relationship is toxic or not and you’re smart enough to know whether you need to get out of them, you just need to figure out if your desire for change is greater than your fear of success.

The biggest step I made to my business life was to find places where people just like me were hanging out.

I joined 2 groups on Facebook that have CHANGED MY LIFE!

First is Mums In Business Association! It’s a huge group of mums supporting mums, there is community and training’s and lots of information – check it out here. I enjoyed it so much I became the coordinator for their Suffolk branch, if you want to join me and my Suffolk mums join here!

I also joined The Fabulous 5% run by the incredible Lisa Johnson. I cannot even begin to say how far I have leapt in business this year with thanks to this group and the training’s and community here too. If you want to see what I’m gabbing on about check out the group here.

Your tribe will not show up in your living room. You absolutely need to ask for support and put yourself out there! Once you do you will find yourself and your business growing in ways you didn’t even realise you could!

What have you experienced with your circle? Good? Bad? downright phenomenal?

As always, thank you for taking the time to like, comment and share. It really does help The Amy Johnson stay visible!

Thanks for reading,

A x

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