Why I’m ditching Facebook…

As 2018 drew to a close and I was putting the year to bed (I talk more about what thatUntitled design (7) means in these two posts ‘Goodbye 2018…hello future‘ and ‘2018, my year in review’ )I began putting in place my 2019 business strategy.

Many of you will have heard of business plans and strategy and a lot will know just how beneficial it is to incorporate this into your social media. There is SO SO SO much advice on it all and in my type of business everyone tells you to use your Facebook page and grow a group.

It’s no secret that with everything that happens in business and life around Christmas and New Year, many people (myself included) found social media a drain and it got me to thinking.

What did I want to achieve from my social media presence, why was it draining and what could I do about it?

So as a Virtual Assistant I decided to sod the ‘rules’.

In 2019 I’m going to focus a lot less on Facebook and Facebook groups (which honestly has felt like a real bloody chore this year because they simply don’t resonate with me!) and I will focus more attention on the platforms that I enjoy and get more engagement with and from.

Instagram is clearly my favourite (Check me out here!). I search a lot on there, I follow other businesses and I find the hashtag system/explore page etc. really user friendly. There isn’t one specific reason for the change, it’s more an amalgamation of things.

I know many of you will ask “Have the constant changes to Facebook algorithms played a part?” Of course, but I am under no illusion that what I get out of Facebook pages and groups is a direct result of what I’m putting in. Nor am I naive enough to think that Instagram will remain unchanged for eternity, I suspect that over the next few years they will incorporate many of the same things as Facebook and as a result it will be tougher for businesses to be visible without buying ads.

Right now though, it’s way better for me for lots of reasons. In fact, one of the key reasons I felt encouraged to take this leap was because of a fabulous Social Media expert that I follow on IG, B3 Social Design. On her business account and in her private Instagram group, Inge talks really frankly about the socials and about engagement, finding your audience. She also runs really useful challenges and makes you really think about what you’re putting out there! Check her out here and tell her I said hi!

I am not coming off Facebook completely of course, updates on my blog will share there, I will cross share posts from Instagram and I’ll pop on most days to check out what’s happening BUT IG is where I will focus my social media strategy.

Apart from Instagram being the fastest growing social media platform I simply enjoy it more and my stories, well I share a lot more about behind the scenes, the life and times of The Amy Johnson, clients feedback etc.

For me, the reach definitely feels greater here and I am also finding potential clients are starting to follow and message me (happy dance). There are many easy and wonderful ways to share, engage and search and I plan on utilising them all! mwah ha ha ha…IGTV and Lives, I’m a coming for ya!

Don’t be shy, have you figured out your social media strategy for 2019?

Your likes, comments and shares keep small businesses like ‘The Amy Johnson’ visible and I thank you for your support.

Thanks for reading,

A x

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