Copy or Content? (this is not a catchy heading)

As a Virtual Assistant I often wear many hats. I’m an administrator for my clients, a Untitled design (7)sounding board, a confidante, a skilled subcontractor, a project manager. I work in apps of your choice, use programmes and software of your choice, update your specific CRM systems, create graphics using your branding and with your message in mind, update your social media, send messages, DMs and emails on your behalf, and I tweak or write your content and copy. (NB: Not all of my clients use all of these services all the time – your need dictates my role)

All of my clients are the at what they do. They are skilled professionals in their own fields but often, they are so ‘inside’ their business that it’s tough to write what they need on a blog post or a post specifically to reach their audience about a new product or service they’re offering. Often this is where they call for my help.

Having spent almost the entirety of my career in Customer Service I have worked tirelessly to build my skills in the art form that is wordsmithing. As time changed from a handwritten letter, to a fax, to email and social media, I felt I was required to give nothing less than the best (to be fair that’s always been my go to mode when it comes to working). BUT there is more to writing than just giving the information. “Oh hi, it’s me! Wanna read this blog post” or “This new thing is £6.99, you should buy it”, well rarely do they cut it.

First, lets get to grips quickly with the difference between content and copy:

Content writers are professional writers who produce engaging content for use online. They’re Internet-savvy individuals who create articles, blog posts, and other forms of written Web material. (Ref:

Copywriting is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action. (ref: Wikipedia)

So the gist? 1 is to engage and inform, the other is specifically to sell.

So what is key to good content and copy?

Well they have their own skill sets of course, but if you are good at one you can hone your craft to be good at the other and often the two do merge. My top tips would be:


  1. Draw people in with a good heading.
  2. Write about a subject people WANT to read about. If you work in the baby and child industry you may write something about the Royal baby which draws in current affairs too and would encourage conversation on a subject that you specialise in.
  3. Write about what you know – (still going with the baby industry here) you could write about breastfeeding/post natal depression/baby clothes/newborn toys etc. You would NOT use this to sell your product or services though you may link back to your shop. You would however, link to any source websites. Any important reference materials and maybe even other articles related to the same topic which you trust and gives accurate info.
  4. You would have around 3 key things you want to explain or points to get across within that text and allow those to dictate the journey of the post.
  5. You would ask your readers opinions and encourage engagement and share the ‘f’ out of your post on social media


  1. Know your ideal client and ensure they (not you) dictates the nature of your content – this is the person you want to buy your product or service so you WANT it to attract them for instance, if you know your ideal client has little to no free time – consider the length of your post. Does it need to be punchier? Shorter? Something that can be read in a matter of moments?
  2. Draw them in with a bold and interesting headline
  3. Let them see that you understand their struggles (this is often described as their pain points)
  4. Make clear you have the solution for the above
  5. Give them a clear call to action – “click here to ……”

For example, this post is content. It’s allowing me to showcase that I have understanding of a specific topic and that my clients utilise this skill of mine. I wanted to – explain the difference between content and copy. Let you know that I use this skill for my clients and I wanted to explain why you should target your content to your ideal client.

It’s giving you value by sharing my top tips for writing both and most importantly it’s starting to build trust in me as a skilled professional. It’s my voice so you’re getting to know me a little and at no point have I asked you to buy my services. Now I will publish, share across my socials and hopefully it will generate some feedback – even if it doesn’t what it is doing is giving people (just like you) an insight into my skill set – people watch. It’s why consistency is key in posting – people will watch and read and digest and watch some more before ever reaching out. I am letting this simply become another point of contact for you – hopefully a useful one.

Have you noticed the difference in your content and copy? Do you struggle to find the right words? Are you consistent with your message? I would love to hear from you and find out what you find difficult when it comes to writing for your business, leave a comment or send me a personal message here!

By sharing, liking and commenting you are helping small businesses like The Amy Johnson stay visible. I appreciate your support!

Thanks for reading,

A x

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