I hear voices…

Untitled design (16)OK, I’m going to say it. Sometimes the voices just get too damned loud. All the people on social media vying for attention and telling you all the things you MUST know makes my head hurt at times and then my focus becomes…wishy washy (is it just me or can this also be exhausting?).

I don’t know about you but with the sensory overload that was Christmas and a particularly busy January I have found it increasingly difficult to focus on my own business this month. Client work has been great, plodding through it like a trooper but when it comes to my own business ‘stuff’ – well I’ve felt meh about it.

A friend and I call it listening to ‘too many voices’ and by that we basically mean that in our search for growth we have perhaps subscribed/followed and connected with too many people who are all talking and who all appear to know what’s best. After all their opinions are based in the experiences and they’re successful so…

Don’t get me wrong, I find them inspiring, their information useful and practical and I enjoy their content BUT when all is said and done it can be really tough to drown out their voices and stay on my own path, trying to remember that this is their experience not necessarily mine can be bloody hard. This means that sometimes, the usefulness of the information is outweighed by the overwhelming feelings that I’m not doing, being or knowing enough when truth be told many of these people are only 1 or two steps further forward than me in business. I think of it a bit like a family shindig where everyone is drawn towards the only singleton and asks at once “When are you getting married then?”

It’s important to learn from people of course, the practical things SHOULD be part of your strategic plan and learning from someone that has already toughed out those practicalities can be worth it’s weight in gold. That being said, I think we forget that just because these are tried and tested methods now they too were once groundbreaking and maybe, you will be leading the charge in another direction. Not better or worse, just different.

It’s important to remember that whilst knowledge is power, too many voices can suppress our own skills, talents and undermine our own strategy.

When this happens (as it does to all of us) I recommend taking these 4 steps:

  1. Unfollow – it’s the simplest method but definitely works. If someone puts out content that albeit unintentionally, diminishes your mood, self esteem etc. in some way then hit un-follow. It won’t hurt but could make you feel miles better.
  2. Turn off notifications and change your settings – If you still enjoy the majority of content from a person but are starting to feel like you are overwhelmed with the volume of things they’re sharing then this tool on Facebook is really useful. I just schedule myself a few minutes a week to catch up. That way I see the content when it’s convenient to me.
  3. Switch off (cue dramatic music!) That’s right – sometimes you just have to unplug from all of the noise, literally and metaphorically! Sometimes I will do this in the mornings, I do the school run, eat a delicious slow breakfast and enjoy a quiet cup of tea. It’s a great way to get your mind quiet and release those negative emotions.
  4. Reduce the number of people you follow that are in the same field. For example, pick just one social media guru to follow, one mindset coach, one fitness coach etc.

You have permission not to listen to anyone else and re-calibrate yourself to where you need to be.

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Thanks for reading,

A x

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