Marketing and tech trends for 2019

Maybe you think talking about the trends to look out for over this next year is so last Untitled design (10)month but I have two very specific reasons why I waited to share this. Firstly, a little imposter syndrome crept in, I mean I’ve only been in business for a minute right, why should I believe you would deign to listen to me and secondly, because so many people had already written about it in December 2018 and January 2019.

So why publish now when those things are still true?

Well because I realised that I may only have been running my own business for a short while but I have actually been working in business since I was 14 one way or another. If you know me even in the slightest, you will know that I get the chew between my teeth about certain things and learning about this stuff is one of them, why shouldn’t I pass that on. It’s also just really useful information.

Also, because remembering all those details you’ve read or learned over Christmas or New Years isn’t always that easy. I mean we are like an octopus spinning plates whilst juggling at that point in time aren’t we. Hopefully this will be a timely reminder.

What’s new?

Not a lot really. Oh don’t get me wrong there is a lot to talk about coming up in both digital marketing and technology but the stuff that’s really going to be a hard yes in 2019 is an evolution of what we are already doing, both well and not so well.

It’s no secret that data reigns supreme and with the advances we have made in collecting this data, tech companies and marketing strategists have been able to see so much more clearly than ever before. Thank you algorithms and data consents!

I wont harp on about every little thing but in my research I have seen a few key trends.

Personalised automation

It’s no secret that I advocate personalisation within the businesses that I work with but this is going to come on in leaps and bounds over the next year. It has not gone unnoticed that as a brand audience grows it’s personal touch seems to diminish.

With the ability to capture so much data about a potential client and the advances in automation processes and even artificial intelligence over recent years, we will be able to utilise even more systems and tools to personalise the client experience. This is already something we can see with bigger brands, texts/tailored ads/basket reminders – there’s a really wide spectrum here but the key is to get on this bus and get started in whatever capacity you can. Great data capture is key here so if you’re a small business keep it simple but make it right.

‘Influencers’ will not be the only social media go to by big brands

It’s become a term synonymous with a sense of being lied to for many people (let’s not get started on celebrities spouting the benefit of fat loss lollies or teas shall we, I know everything has it’s place but I am not down for that)

There are some amazing ‘influencers’ out there but, like many things the spectrum of social media platforms has become saturated with watered down ‘pay for a copy and paste caption’ type of marketing.

As companies review their data I think it will become clear that consumers are losing faith in what feels fake and will move towards smaller, more ‘home grown’ or ‘down to earth’ influencers.

Bigger brands have already started this by sending their products to more and more ‘micro influencers‘ and with the recent shift in the UK calling for more transparency within social media #ad #affiliate #gifted #spon etc.

This will only increase over 2019.

Research from last year shows that as tech and industry move towards AI and automation, consumers are definitely moving towards authenticity and more ‘relatability’ based purchasing.

It’s a great time to reach out to micro influencers who could authentically use your products or services because it may prove more costly once the bigger boys start weighing in more.

Content is still king

This one of course is my personal favourite.

Content is looking to become more important than ever and will be the one skill that leads you through the current trends and any yet to come. If I could encourage you to learn one skill – this would be it.

It wont be as straight forward as just writing good copy though. Again, as the market is over saturated with mediocre content being spewed into our feeds and inboxes (sometimes hundreds of times a day) the key will be to buck the trend and say something that resonates with your ideal audience on more than just a fact based rehashing of something someone else has said before kind of level.

Trends show that clients are responding much more to brands that are showing a deeper, more psychological understanding of their needs, yes I could use the term finding their ‘pain point’ here but it goes deeper than that – clients are beginning to choose brands that sound different, that word their content in such a way that it doesn’t just hit their ‘pain point’ it exhibits a greater level of understanding of their wants, needs and importantly, their behaviours.

I wrote a blog post about the using psychology here which you may find useful. Also one of my favourite ‘down to earth’ business women wrote a fab piece about it on her blog too which I just spotted whilst researching this post! Check it out – Ruth Makes Money

Cross compatibility

Another of my favourites!

I don’t know about you but I have long gotten pissed off whenever I have to have everything under one umberella, whether that be a technological brand (think Apple or Microsoft) whether it be in my household gadgets or whether it be in the way in which I build and then share my marketing plan.

I hate, with a passion, doing the same thing over and over for different people or systems simply because the software/apps etc were not created to work together.

When the information and requirement is fundamentally the same I really hate being limited to what gadget or systems I can buy or use for the home because it will only work with an iPhone etc.

Cross compatibility is a strong theme we will see this year, from tech gadgets that will no longer require a branded ecosystem (wahey say hello to different brands of devices finally beginning to work together!)

and excitingly to the better integration of marketing arms such as, mobile/online and social media.

Making it more efficient, cost effective and just more user friendly for people like me doing it for people like you. So, keep your eyes peeled.

We are already starting to hear about these, it’s worth getting the low cost or beta roll out style ones if you can. Once they become really mainstream we both know the price will only go ^

Streaming services

Wowsers, if you haven’t spotted the increased availability of streaming services then it’s entirely possible you don’t live in the same universe as me.

As this becomes even more popular people are becoming hungrier for ready to go, convenient video content.

If content is king then nailing your video content will be the ace up your sleeve.

Like anything, it will get over saturated in time – so get in there, stop putting it off! Stories, lives and the like will only increase in popularity over the coming year and if your video is pre-recorded or you later add your ‘live’ to a streamable application don’t forget to use captions on it – we are loving our video content but research shows people often watch without sound so will skip past those they cant watch and read at the same time (think of your audience of being at work/in a bathroom or in public)

In brief…

Yeah right, I rarely do anything in brief but the big takeaways in all my research were simple.

  1. Be authentic and real and personal
  2. Show that you understand the clients needs, wants AND natural behaviours
  3. Great content trumps volume of content. So learn the skill and do it well
  4. Content and video – it’s where they’ll be these elusive clients of yours, so you should be there too
  5. We should be hearing about more platforms, apps and gadgets that are designed to integrate/be compatible with and streamline much else
  6. Data data data, it’s all about getting good data and using it well

Let me know whether you’re eyeing up any of these trends yourself and click here to keep up to date!

Thank you for your likes, comments and shares. You really do make a difference to this businesses visibility!

Thanks for reading,

A x

3 thoughts on “Marketing and tech trends for 2019

    1. Absolutely! It’s a great part of content writing. I also think we’ll see a rise in guest video content, guest webinar style stuff and guest stories and lives. Collaboration like this will add to that real and trusted vibe. So spans several of those categories I’ve mention.

      Great comment, thank you!

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