Dynamic action is my bitch

Ah February. This short month that everybody was desperate for is almost done and Untitled design (14)dusted. Though it seemed as though it took forever to arrive we somehow find that it has all but slipped through our fingers.

February signifies endings – of the sometimes tough start to a new year. To the austerity that the Christmas and New Year seasons can cast over January but also it signifies new beginnings. 

As inch by inch we see the landscapes come back to life, dusk and dawn times drawing out too, all with the quiet promise of spring just around the corner an energetic burst creeps in.

This mix of emotions can often leave you feeling as though you are in limbo. Stuck between the physical two seasons but also the seasons of life. If you read my post last week you’ll know I too feel this same way. If you fancy a read check it out here.

As I sit here writing this at my desk, the snowy and icy weather of such a short time ago has made way for breeze and bluster, reminding me that sometimes in order to make way for the coming season we must first take dynamic action to clear its path.

What does dynamic action mean?

So often we get caught up in all the minutiae of all of the ‘doings’ that we forget that the only commodity we really have no way of getting back once it’s gone is the time we spend.

If like almost anyone, you’re struggling with your time. If you find yourself feeling like you have done so much but achieved so little in your days, weeks, months. Even if you wonder whether there really is such a thing as a work/life balance then you need to understand just how chuffed I am that you’re here.

What if we stop getting caught up in the minutiae and the “6 months from now I want to be”…and consider that maybe, just maybe NOW is your time. Your time to take back ownership of some of those minutes, hours and days.

To me dynamic action is about doing something helpful with your very own brand of gusto. Technically defined its:

a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.

the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim

On my good days it’s worthy of a slow mo walking shot, my lippy on point and my hair looking fierce in the blowing breeze (it never really looks fierce unless you liken it to a frazzled lion) as I put the small stuff in the fuck it bucket and pitch the pants off a prospective client that didn’t even know they needed me.

You know whO I mean, that person online who’s business you love and whose Instagram posts are screaming for you guys to work together but they just haven’t seen the benefit yet.

Yeah, that gusto and steel can be seen as ‘dynamic action’

On my not so good days. My, it’s feeling like wading through tar but I need to get stuff done’ days, it’s wearing my gym clothes, sticking on some Little Comets and singing my heart out to Little Italy. I dazzle my beloved dog Toby with my Miss Trunchball looking up do and drunk uncle moves whilst decluttering my office and so, literally clearing the way for new ideas. Don’t judge me, my dog still loves me and frankly it make me feel so good and that my friends, makes the rest of the day feel like a dream – that too is dynamic.

Maybe you could:

De-clutter your space

Work/home/your husbands stack of dodgy mags – whatever it takes my love, I don’t get to dictate what de-cluttering you do.

Honestly, I don’t even care if it’s business related because I know me and I know I can’t concentrate and am not at my most productive when my laundry bin is full or the dishwasher hasn’t been emptied. If it clutters your mind and takes valuable time to manage the anxiety of it then take those minutes back with a little dynamic action. When you do you will find something far better to use them on I promise.

Purge your inbox

Eurgh, how much time do you waste skimming past emails from people and businesses you got a freebie download but always intended to unsubscribe from? Doesn’t it sometimes fill you with dread when you open up your inbox to see it full of dead weight? Why not stick on your favourite dancing song, set yourself a 10 minute timer and do what you can! I dare you not to do this with pazazz, in fact I double dare you.

Automate your email series

Ok so personal touch in business is what I live for but there are definitely some emails that can be automated and if you’re honest probably should be by now if you’re pretty busy. If you’re not sure which or how to write great copy for them (because they should still be great guys!) why not check out Tarzan Kay – she’s amazing at this and to help you out she has a nifty little pop up just before you leave her site. It enables you to download a few great templates for FREE (customisable of course).

Just put it in the damn calendar already!

For those of us that like to feel as though we are rebels this one can actually be really tough. But do not underestimate the time and money savings you can achieve by simply sticking it in the diary. Got a webinar? stick it in the diary. Running a workshop? stick it in the diary. Making dinner for the family? Put it on the bloomin calendar.

Every Friday afternoon look to the week ahead and you’ll see whats coming and be able to do final organisational checks, you’ll also be able to schedule what else needs to be done.

Just get to using a calendar already.

It. will. help.

Right my lovely, you are about to start the last month of the first quarter. It’s time to choose to step out of limbo and make some decisions. No more winging it because it’s the start of a new year, no more pussyfooting about. You need a break? take it. You need to learn something new? do it. You need to break up with a client? you’ve got this.

Whatever it is just do it. The time you are stealing from yourself by walking on eggshells or putting it off is no longer an acceptable cost!

Drop me your email details here and I will pop into your inbox on a semi regular basis. I will share about starting up a business (the good the bad and the ugly) in real time and I will also, if you’re into it, send useful info about all things online business management. I like to chat about the hot topics too as well as answering peoples questions.

I would love to hear about how you have felt about your February in the comments. Good? Not bad? Terribly tough? Surprisingly incredible? drop your thoughts in the comments.

Your likes, comments and shares help small businesses like The Amy Johnson stay visible, I really do appreciate you.

Thanks for reading,

A x

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