Do it like the Oscars

Untitled design (4)I guess have to admit something to you here. I’ve never seen the Oscars but not to worry, I do pay attention and often spend the following days finding out what I can.

Mostly, I don’t watch because I find the media fascination with hunting down the ‘worst dressed’ or the stories about the bitchiness of the leading ladies etc. a bit distasteful. I love my movies and to me this is like they’re pulling the curtain back exposing the ugliness.

I am perfectly happy here in my oblivion.

Doing my research after this years has highlighted something to me that I have never noticed before and that’s the business foundation lessons it’s worth taking from this daddy of all awards ceremonies.


Most studios release multiple films over the course of the year and it’s worth noting that it’s not unusual to have a variety of films in production. Take Participant Media. They won the Oscar for Best Picture with ‘Green Book’ which by all accounts was a more traditionally worthy Oscar nominee but they also had a more ‘cutting edge’ movie, a bit of an underdog but equally critically acclaimed called Roma, that was also in the running.

If done well diversification can be a real source of success for a business. The key to doing this well of course is to hone your craft on the main thing and then to ensure you have all the tools/resources to continue doing that whilst honing your craft on the next thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re diverse in your offerings if your offerings are shit.

Stay in your own lane

I bloomin hate that phrase but I think it’s important to take the lesson from Green Book here. For months and months all I have heard about is ‘A Star Is Born’ and it did a blinding job at the box office, the songs are played daily on the radio station I listen to and the world would have been surprised not to see it somewhere on the nominees list. That however, was no business of Green Book which was released to much less fan fair. They were steadfast though and they focused on doing something well that suited their movie and it clearly paid off.

It’s good to be aware of what’s happening in your industry but stop wasting all your focus on other people in it, they are not you. Keep your mind on your own business, do your thing and do it well.

Compromise isn’t always a dirty word

A great example of dancing to the beat of your own drum is Spike Lee after all he’s not really known for just following the crowd. Out of all the nominated films Spike Lees Blackkklansman was the one I definitely had hankered after watching the most last year.

It’s not a secret that his relationship with the studios hasn’t always been happy happy joy joy so it was interesting to see that he worked with a division of Universal Pictures. Reading between the lines it meant better funding under their umbrella but by working with the division it also allowed him much more freedom than he would have with Universal directly.

A beneficial compromise I think and it certainly created something fantastic.

Sometimes we just have to find a better way to get things done and that may mean compromise. That’s not defeat, that’s common sense in my book.

For example, you may be finding things a bit tough at the moment even though you feel like you’re doing everything that the business ‘gurus’ say. At the end of the day they don’t keep your electric meter topped up. It’s OK if you’ve taken on a short term project for some cash flow.

I consider Sylvester Stallone pretty successful (and he literally got a leg up and started in porn) I’m not saying you should do that, I’m saying do what you need to within the law and your moral code and just get it done without the guilt or succumbing to a sense of failure because you don’t feel it’s worthy of what you hear all over social media about alignment and ideal client etc. Trust me, it’s easier to find your ideal client and work from a place of alignment when you’re not worrying about how to keep the lights on.

Whatever it is you feel like you’re compromising on or if you’re struggling to find a way to do it all, the key is to weigh the options and set your boundaries well.

People want quick and easy access to quality video

Not gonna lie, I’m referring back to my blog post on tech and marketing trends to watch out for in 2019. If you have’t read it check it out here.

How could the Oscars not acknowledge the streamer.

Roma was definitely their big success but to me it simply backs up my theory that in every aspect, this kind of quality streamable media is going to really pick up momentum over the coming year.

Though they’re not the ‘traditional’ business model for the film industry there is no denying that the accessibility, quality and convenience of the service is changing the face of movies and TV. Watch out for it doing the same to what you find available from ‘thought leaders’, coaches and the like.

I haven’t yet approached video myself but, I’m under no illusion. Along with good copy you will benefit from well done video content.

Collaboration, timing and great copy

Timing and collaboration are great tools and this years Oscars didn’t disappoint. Well maybe not the Oscars themselves but did you notice the advert that’s quickly becoming viral?

Nike and Serena Williams nailed it.

I certainly know as a woman when I saw it I was moved. They couldn’t have chosen a better night, with Lady Gaga and Olivia Coleman winning awards when they are in an industry well known for devaluing women and let’s be honest, neither are considered the most glamorous or the most obvious leading lady.

It certainly gave a sense that they won because they are just bloody great at what they do. With the movement to equality really gathering momentum the last few years and particularly with female actors have been campaigning for equal pay and for more roles written for them through the ages it certainly hit it’s target.

Sharing your message and values doesn’t have to be controversial for it to stick but it does need to make people feel something.

Collaboration, timing and great copy are worth their weight in gold.

I may watch them next year. If you want to be the first to see whether I get round to ever watching the awards in real time then why not sign up here where I will semi regularly email you. Regaling you with my talents, business news and maybe even a more in depth Oscars review next year! (I’m not promising anything – I also like my sleep)

I appreciate your comments, likes and shares – they help The Amy Johnson stay visible.

Thanks for reading,

A x

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