I want it ALL!

Untitled design (3)I am a great believer in people being able to have it all and often find myself recreating the vision board for what I want from life, I have also been writing a life list since 2011! After many a debate over the last few days related to that Nike and Serena Williams advert I got to thinking; 

Do you guys think that having it all is a fallacy? designed to keep us in the never ending cycle of living to work, paying bills and being so tired your kids grow up without you ever really noticing?

Or, like me, do you think that having it all is entirely based on what one wants? Something where the definition of ‘all’ will vary drastically from one person to another?

As the The Amy Johnson re-brand takes shape I realised that I DO believe it. I believe it because, well I already have it. Maybe on a smaller scale but it’s definitely there.

You see a decade ago I was in a very different position and by that I mean that I was dreaming of the life I have now. Loving partner (who is my biggest kick arse supporter ever!) a home, the ability to drive and have a car, healthy happy child and never having to worry about having a full fridge.

I won’t go into the nitty gritty but I was determined to elevate myself from where I was at. I didn’t have a life coach/work mentor or a beautiful epiphany. I just decided to stop procrastinating in the hopes it would happen for me and I took action to make sure it would happen with me. Whilst some people have thought my recent blog post called ‘Life can sometimes suck’ meant that my life totally sucked and I was unhappy. They would of course be absolutely wrong. It was more a real time recitation of how, even when things are great somethings can still feel sucky and that’s ok as long as you take action where you can to make sure anything sucky that could have been prevented is dealt with.

I aim to never just show you the highlight reel, that would be an awful lie to tell and a very unkind thing to do. I am deeply honest and my biggest fear about my personality is that I would be unkind.

That’s going to mean on occasion, my posts may be raw. I have human frustrations. I am also a complete addict to getting my own way and so I can become irritated or persnickety when things don’t go my way. It also means you will see the unadulterated story of building a business, how I am helping people just like you, my hurdles yes but also the amazing accomplishments clients I work with and myself in my business make.

So I want to tell you something in this little blog post today and that is, you can have it all.

Oh, it may not happen the way you expect it will but if you stay committed you will get there. This doesn’t mean you should only dream about it though.

  • If it’s a business goal – have you built your brand, strategy and business model with this goal in mind? If not, how do you expect to get there?
  • If it’s a relationship – are you putting in the work AND allowing yourself to receive the benefits. After all, people treat you how you let them and vice versa. If you want support give support and do not accept anything less and stop pretending it’s like all the books and IG posts you see. Healthy relationships take work, committing to having one requires both parties to make that commitment and that’s easier to do if you have shared vision.
  • If it’s a health goal – are you actually, really and honestly doing the things? If you are and are struggling still have you looked for support or are you just moaning about how it’s not going as well as you’d hoped?

I spent a long time evading and blaming. Frustrated with where I was at because I felt it was too slow, I lacked too much confidence and I simply had too much on but as I have allowed myself to ensure those 3 bullet points are covered everything else is really taking shape. I am not a winner, I am winning, every day.

February and March have so far been my slowest months client work wise and by association income wise. I don’t like it but it has it’s benefits because you see, this business and I are evolving.

I have taken myself away from the ‘must haves and should do’s’ and remembered not only why I am doing this but that I am really good at certain things. Things such as evaluating what’s working and uncomplicating it. I am also pretty handy at creating a simplified project plan to get back on track – I have used this ‘quiet’ period to do this on my own business and I am looking forward to sharing that with you.

Much like the physical seasons, I am entering the first spring season of my business. This means that I am looking to the future and preparing my plans/actions accordingly. With a business re-brand, a clearer vision, utilisation of my very particular set of skills for a very particular type of client, I am really looking forward to proving that when it comes to what I want from life, I really can have it all (which means that you can too!).

What about you? Are you ‘soaring, flying’ or are you struggling?

Business isn’t complicated but we are and sometimes when we meld the two as so often happens with entrepreneurship, we don’t really see a way past the complications through to success. This is a huge shame when I know your business is likely to be a phenomenal one and quite capable of getting you where you want to go.

Anyway, I’d best wrap this up but I would love you to say hi in person, I’d also semi regularly like to pop into your inbox and talk about business and get to know each other more. Just hit SIGN ME UP and it’ll ask for your details.

Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing tools that you can keep in your business arsenal. Spoiler alert, they’re all designed to help YOU regain control, help YOU uncomplicate your business and help YOU get back on track. People on my mailing list will be the first to hear about it (that’s only fair right?!) so go on, hit SIGN ME UP!

Thanks for reading,

A x

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