The secret truth about business

I started writing this post about 100 times. Why? Because no matter how hard I tried it Untitled design (16)always sounded like some kind of samey same post. Something that was ultimately trying to sell you something of mine because I think mines better than what those others are selling. In all honesty that pissed me off.

So let me just vent to you what’s on my mind.

Today I come at you from my desk . It’s 9:37 pm on a random Tuesday. I have a glass of wine on the go my music in my ears and a candle burning away. I’m probably going to schedule this post because it just makes sense, if I were doing everything live I would never do anything else with my time!

So far today I have worked for 9 hours . driven for 2 hours, cooked dinner, done the laundry, made the beds, had a shower, loved on my humans, walked the dog and managed to look like a furry potato the entire time.

I’m lucky though. Lucky because I feel good for it, I feel energised by it and I am happy with where my business stands today. I appreciate that’s not the case for many of you and that makes me sad and disappointed on your behalf.

I see how many of you live for those days where you can ‘not do’ business because enjoying your work only seems to be allowed if you have a creative job. Or, if you get to do  bath time with the kiddies every night or if it looks good on Insta.

It’s not sexy to love being an accountant or a virtual assistant or remote IT specialist. If you aren’t time lapsing in starbucks or posing in gym gear and sharing #gifted products then it’s just not sexy to love your work.

There is nothing more soul crushing to me right now than the amount of women (and men) I see who are getting through their work but only really living when there’s no business to be done. Because when you’re not in a ‘sexy’ business then it’s not worth it right? You must be doing something wrong, right? I mean a self employed ground works business is not very instagrammable – does that mean it’s not in alignment with your higher self?

Eurgh, sounds icky even to type it (yes I realise that technically makes no sense but you catch my drift!)

I see you getting so frustrated in the groups and forums because you’re sick of hearing people telling you how it all *should* be done or how fed up you are with working all the hours that God sends whilst your business is still in it’s first few years and everyone else is on holiday.

I get it.

It’s really hard to feel like you’re being successful when all you keep hearing about is how we should be doing more (or less) how we should love our business every second of the time because otherwise we are doing ourselves and our business a disservice (“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”)

Let’s not even go into the 4 hour work week, outsourcing, self-care and the disdain for the word hustle that I keep seeing bandied about. No wonder all you amazing business owners are falling out of love with the business you dreamed of starting just a few short years ago. If the whole world seems to be telling you the only right way is this particular  way it really can become a little disheartening.

There are valid points to many of the arguments. I’m not daft, I completely understand all the points made and many of them do come from successful people but yet, I feel swamped with what everyone else thinks is classed as correct and essential and necessary and it got me to thinking about all of this stuff as it relates to you.

I am here to call bullshit.

I talk to you regularly, I see your social media and I read your blog posts and the thing I can tell you about people like us, what I hear from all of that is you saying:

“I just don’t want to do it that way, I feel totally burned out with it all”

So tell me. Why are you focusing so hard on what you *should* be doing? Why aren’t you exploring your own thoughts on the matter?

Is it because you don’t consider yourself an expert? Is it because you think the other people have the life you want? Is it because you have big dreams for your business and you’re struggling to figure out how to get there. Worst of all is it because you really don’t like what you’re doing at all and are barely coming to terms with that fact?

Shall I tell you a truth about me?

I felt out of sync with my job and then my business. Whilst it was always the right choice to leave my old position and start up my business I felt disconnected from it once the first 6 months had passed and that eb and flow of the ‘new thing’ excitement had started to wear off. I’d done all my research, followed and invested in guidance and it was great, for a while. Until I realised that I couldn’t sustain that and keep forward momentum.

There are some great, inspiring leaders in every field but let me remind you, they didn’t get there by cookie cutting their way through their business. They got there because they worked damned hard to get there, they pioneered their way through and continue to do so.

That is the real reason that you look up to them.

If you love the hustle – great! if you find the lazy/fast way to do everything because you hate the hustle, awesome? If you hate reading that sentence because you don’t identify with the word hustle at all then Fab? I don’t run your business so I don’t get to sow my seed of should into your mind. Against the better judgement of all the people that say you should always sell yourself (you are your brand) I am not going to sell you anything; I just want to remind you of something.

This is YOUR business. This is YOUR income. This was YOUR brainchild; you’ve got this far by doing the doing. YOU started blindly ploughing into it and you did pretty bloomin well – it got you this far. You can do it, and you can do it in a simple way, your way and in your own time.

Dream for me a little will you. Out of everything you’re currently doing, what would you do differently if you just knew would 100% work?

Send me a message and let me know, I’m super curious and would like to feature some of the responses in my next newsletter (anonymously of course)

Thanks for reading,

A x

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