How To Plan For Progress In Your Small Business

September is rolling in thick and fast and my brain is in shock with how quickly this last quarter of 2019 has come around!

In my experience it can make you feel one of two things. Excited and energised by the change in seasons and the last leg of the year or, stuck and overwhelmed and feeling like time is just sand running through your fingers. 

For the most part it’s a wonderful energy inducing time for me, even as a child it was always one of my favourite times of year (it probably had a little something to do with new stationery). I always get the same September feeling that I got back then, especially now that I’m a mum and running my own small business. 

It’s not always roses though, the hazard of sensory overload while everyone shares their highlight reels can begin to highlight just how stuck you feel. You know what I mean, that sense you have that you’re eons away from your end goals. 

It’s summer fatigue mixed in with an autumn fall. You feel the pressure of having just three months left in the year and it can actually feel a little overwhelming. Like you’re not where you want to be, in turn this makes you feel like you must be failing, stopping your momentum and motivation in its tracks.

Knowing this is actually a weapon in your arsenal to fight back allowing you to make change. We decided to change things up a bit here so we’re being a little controversial by going away for the first two weeks of term (Don’t worry, my house insurance isn’t invalid as we have a house sitter who will be living here while we are getting quality time).

You need to make progress but you feel like you’re dragging yourself through tar and now it’s back to school, the last quarter and you almost feel like why bother… 

The thing to remember right now is that your business also peaks and troughs just like the seasons (and with it your emotions and energy levels) and when you find yourself in the low there’s no need to drown in it. 

A really useful way to help yourself in these instances is to make a ‘progress not perfection plan’. I make it a habit of doing this in my business pretty frequently too, especially when I’m starting to feel aimless. If you’re wondering what a ‘progress not perfection plan’ is then I have one here that you can download for free. The best thing about it is that you can use it for any aspect of your life – I’m using it for business this month and for Joshs GCSEs study! 

It’s a super simple way to breakdown the end goal into bite size chunks and the smallest associated tasks. We choose the mini milestones on the plan and it really helps to bring it back to the now. To the action you can take now to see progress. 

It’s less about being perfect and more about just seeing the needle move.

Using ‘progress not perfection plans’ can help you to take back control and re energise yourself and your small business for the next month or even the last quarter. It will help you to stop the ‘times running out’ overwhelm. If you need a helping hand with yours then why not download my free PDF plan right here.

In your business, there’s no such thing as why bother!

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