Can you be visible online in your business (your way)

Maybe you haven’t heard but visibility is the big thing on every business blog right now from here to the moon. The masses are not wrong at all, it certainly helps with your business if you’re visible. 

But I can’t escape the feeling that I am either hidden like the lost city of Atlantis or I am so available and visible that a Kardashian would be proud. The problem I find is that you’re either visible or your not, you’re either all in or all out, you’re either good at it or you’re not. You can’t just be visible when you feel inspired, energised and raring to go, you have to be visible when you feel like shit and are as vulnerable as you can possibly be. 

It is a navigational nightmare especially if you really don’t want to be your brand right now. It’s definitely something I personally struggle with. I’m the most self conscious person you can imagine when it comes to my personal traits, physically and personality wise. I get terrible anxiety so sharing a piece of me isn’t always easy and I suspect that you may feel the same.

There are so many rules we can live by when it comes to visibility and I have planned them all out to the enth degree but then, then I realised that I was losing my mojo.

I realised that being visible isn’t just about being seen, it’s about being me. I want a thriving business but getting there has to feel brutally and authentically me otherwise it’s not really in alignment with who I am and that just wont work for the big things I want to achieve with it.

I also believe that tips and guidance are fantastic but the first person to invent the wheel did so by doing their own thing. 

My measure of success is being proud of what I have achieved as who I am and by being honest along the way. I’m not a multi millionaire (yet) but if I can get there being myself then I am happy with that. It’s not about the amount of hard work or getting out of my comfort zone, it’s admitting that my zone of genius is not engaged when I go against the grain.

So, I create my content in a way that appeals to me (I am a planner and stationary geek so I think you can guess how I do this!) I don’t have social media on my phone and oh boy has that freed up space in my mind for the creative process! And whatever I share with you is because I want to share it, not because I will make money from it but as a way to share what I know, what I feel or what I see. 

Authenticity when you are visible should be the real buzz word right now, in fact I think that the ‘be yourself’ mantra is the only one to live by when it comes to visibility.

My biggest piece of advice would be to focus on getting visible in 1 area. Choose 1 platform you’re the most comfortable with and become amazing at it doing it your way. I don’t care if someone I admire or want to buy from is everywhere on the internet, but I do care if I feel like they’re an automaton on everything but not really sharing who they are in enough depth for me to know, like and trust them.

If you’re struggling to find time to build this into your schedule and are using that as an excuse to not commit to your visibility download my 100% FREE PDF on finding time in your business!

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