I do things a little differently round here

Hello you!

I’m Amy, I have always had a love/hate relationship with the society deemed outward display of success and wanted to do things my own way.

After what felt like a lifetime in coporate I left my job. It was May 2018 and I set up a Virtual Assistant business – it saw me replace my healthy corporate salary very quickly and the business rapidly grew and changed. In 2019 I was no longer a virtual assistant, me and my business had evolved to mentoring.

I always knew I wanted things a little different from the high profile business women we see swamp our social media today.

Of course, I appreciated their work but I really didn’t want to emulate the lifestyles they shared. It seemed to me that I was rather outnumbered and that their lifestyles were what every woman in business aspired to (or should).

I was determined to live my life fully, on my terms though and as I built my own business I took care to build in other things too.

  • Time to nourish and foster strong relationships.
  • The ability to prioritise my health.
  • Taking 3-4 days off every single week.
  • I incorporated my version of a dream home and dream lifestyle (I’m more into treating my brood to a good pub dinner than Michelin star restaurant).

My own unique lifestyle choices have intertwined beautifully with my growing business success and I couldn’t be happier with both.

I thought I was unique in the way I wanted to live my life alongside my business and created my own framework to make it happen which I use today and share with my 1:1 clients.

I’d been under the illusion that the lifestyle marketed by these high profile women was what most driven and successful women wanted.


Amy Johnson Smiling
Amy Johnson Business Lifestyle Coach

I was wrong

I’ve attracted many successful female leaders running businesses that have been living that Chanel chic, jet-set, work from the beach kind of life but who want something more, something different.

Outwardly they showcase that they’re a success because they had achieved or were close to achieving the lifestyle that went hand in hand with that ‘success label’

Yet, it turns out there are a lot more women like me than I thought. Women who didn’t want that Dubai, Mulberry bag type lifestyle. 

Women who’d found themselves here because they’ve been hustling in their work first. It served it’s purpose doing it that way but it also created a group of women who now have the opportunity to lead the charge in creating different versions of lifestyle success.

So thats what I do.

I use high touch, committed 1:1 coaching to give the support, tools, resources, guidance to women like you.

Women who want to unlock the self empowerment and methodologies you need in order to drive change in your life.

Leaders change their lives for the better whilst still driving their businesses too.

Switching from hustle mode to whole life mode can be…a challenge.

But that’s where I come in. I’m for those women who want to step off that pre-determined version of success and cookie cutter lifestyle goals.

I’m here to help you build the true lifestyles that you have yearned for.

Lifestyles that compliment your business but also empower you to live well, your way.

My 1:1 service is the framework I use myself and I provide high touch, highly committed support to help you build a life you love whilst still creating and driving forward success in your business.

I’m not about that hustle mode. I’m about that thrive life.

Excitingly, in the process of my own continued thrive life and my 1:1 work which is limited to just 10 per year, I am able to put information out into the world that is also designed to help women who are just starting out to reach for the whole them approach to building a successful and sustainably growing business.

The Personal Stuff

Mothering the in-between

Mothering the in-between


I’ve been a single mum (divorced) focused on just building a better life for my son and I since 2008.

Bullet points

  • I receive no financial support for him.
  • Began home educating him before the pandemic.
  • He’s 16 now, has his first job and is a good human.

Any single parent knows that working mums are still full time mums and full time mums are 100% working mums.

I chose to break the poverty cycle and the glass ceiling cycle with me.

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family

Little sister, big brother, nephew, mum, son

I am a fiercely proud relative, and my goal is to be a blessing in the lives of these wonderful people.

Bullet point

  • My family are incredibly talented humans. Between us we can fix a car, write a journalistic masterpiece, create artwork that inspires, bake the best lemon drizzle cake you will ever eat, fit a kitchen by ourselves and lead exceptional women to better lives.

Like most families, mine have had tough times, with the death of my older sister from cot death, to bankruptcy to divorce, to depression and anxiety.

Yet, we strive, we thrive and we love each other fiercely whilst we are doing it.

My partner in crime (or life)

My partner in crime (or life)


In Summer 2015 we started hanging out as mates and then the spark grew by October 2015 we were a ‘thing’.

Bullet points

  • Mate dates absolutely forged our relationship with strong foundations
  • We bought our house together in January 2019
  • I’m the dreamer, the entrepreneur, the risk taker and Ryan is the rock, the itinerary planner and the realist. Together it works pretty well.
  • We have big plans for our future and everything we plan we are creating to suit our vision of the best life possible.

Ryan and I dated in 2014, didn’t have a ‘spark’ and decided to not pursue a relationship. We both went on to meet other people and have terrible relationships with them. We thank our lucky stars we stayed friends and gave our friendship space to evolve. We hate (with a passion) the ‘EastEnders’ culture of disposable relationships.



Chief mischief maker

Toby came into my life almost 10 years ago at one of the lowest points. I was about to be (technically) homeless. I was being harassed, I was out of work, isolated and living on child benefit. 

Bullet Points

  • Toby is a Jack Russell who I have *barely* trained to sit and lay down. The only other dog he likes is my mums Westie, Jasper. 
  • Walking Toby brings me quiet peace of mind and I have made sure that there is always enough time in the day for him.
  • Toby is terribly afraid of rain and certain types of weather, I often have to sleep on the sofa so he can hide beside it knowing I’m there.
  • He’s so naughty but also incredibly loving.

Toby will be 10 in 2021 and I credit him with helping me to change my life and stay committed to a life of my choosing rather than what I think is the norm

It's me

It's me

Female founder committed to life

ASL? 38, female, Suffolk UK

I run The Amy Johnson – I’m a business lifestyle coach, a huge homebody, introvert and was 6ft 2 at last measure!

Bullet Points

  • As well as The Amy Johnson I have plans to build up 2 other fledgling businesses.
  • I’m trained in improvement leadership through the NHS
  • I left school at 14/15yrs old with just 1 GCSE to my name
  • My goals are to enable each member of my family who aren’t yet in a position to do so yet to leave their jobs should they wish.
  • To be part of the change in an industry that so deeply needs authenticity and accountability
  • To create jobs and business pathways for those who are in the same position I was in 10 years ago.

To do all of the above whilst still prioritising my health, wellness, relationships and life.