Today, the woman that I am is a mid 30’s mum of a teenager, with a nutty dog and a demanding work and home life. I don’t think there is any one thing that encompasses who I am and I don’t think any of you should limit yourself either! We are a little of everything but, here goes…

I was THAT person. I bemoaned my bad luck at every possible opportunity. I grumbled about my poor finances, my unlucky in love streak, my never ending search for the right job and my weak body that was always going against my wishes in one way or another.

Life seemed like it was just full of mountains too big to climb.

I was down, almost out and had nothing to lose except what remained of my dignity. I had no job I loved, I was isolated where I lived and I just didn’t feel as though I could get anything right. I was miserable.

So I stopped. I took some risks ON MYSELF. I used my hard earned skills and my unique life perspective and I chose to have a little faith IN MYSELF.

I worked bloody hard on my career, on myself and on my life and the improvements I made all stemmed from working like crazy ON MY PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. I have not quit, my path hasn’t always taken the direction I thought it would and like everyone, from time to time I have gotten side tracked but I continue to work hard, empower myself and those around me and I am reaping what I continue to sow.

Fast forward 6 years I am a different person. I am thriving in my life, some of those changes are:

I have a fabulous career

I have a business of my own that is growing

I am in a loving relationship

I work on my health and fitness daily

I have gone from being on income support to ZERO benefits

I am in the process of making my own business my FULL TIME INCOME and the intention is to bring home the family to do the same.

What I have learned is that improving your circumstances is a direct result of working hard. Not just on your business but on yourself and that self improvement should be integrated into EVERY single aspect of your life. Mindset/Skills/Education/Health/Relationships/Time.

I am passionate about being a positive role model for my son, about helping other people turn their worlds and their businesses around with support grit and a whole hell of a lot of hard work.

I am also a huge advocate for healthy bodies creating a healthy mindset.