Born and raised in Suffolk, I long had a dream of helping women, mamas and those of us that are born thinking ‘I was meant to be MORE’ to realise their business (and lifestyle) dreams.

With nothing but my determination, drive, hella big hair and hella big laugh I set out to build an empire.

On my way to that empire I have learned a LOT and I realised, an empire isn’t about me. It’s about each and every person who is a part of it.

So, I’m growing villages.

Villages of strong, independent, like minded women. Using all of my experience, my mentoring and coaching skills as well as the trusty tech I swear by, I’m sharing everything I have learned with you.

Helping people just like you to dream their wildest dreams and create strategic actions to get you where you have so far, only dreamed of being.

I know that you have the power, skills and ability to change your life. To fulfil your potential, build your dreams and as importantly, to have a crazy, head spinning, memory making amount of fun whilst you’re doing it.

What People Say

Amy, did you hear that?!?!?!


That’s my bank balance going up cos client number 2 is confirmed AND paid!!!


It was AWESOME!!

I’m ready for any and everything now. You’re perfect for this.


I have another client booked in for Sunday.

I used your sales approach this morning and it worked!!

It’s directly because of you because you’re amazing.

Deal. With. That!


Let’s build something together.

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