About Amy

Online Mentor / Consultant / VA

Born and raised in Suffolk UK, I long had a dream of helping people who wanted to run their own businesses, achieve their goals and embrace a life they love. 

In May 2018, with nothing but my big hair, big laugh and wicked determination I began the process of building a business – a business with the sole purpose of helping you build yours.

As I put my decades of high level corporate customer service and admin skills to the test, I learned a lot about building business and quickly replaced my corporate salary. I have now successfully diversified my own business enabling me to offer a more comprehensive level of support.


My Story

How I Got Started

Leaving school at 14 I was pretty uncertain of the future. I got my first retail job shortly thereafter and began working my way up through customer service in various industries.

Whilst doing this I put myself through college and gained qualifications in Business, Microsoft Office which allowed me to progress further.

In 2017 I had a successful and well paid career as Customer Relations Manager for the UKs largest new build developer. An accident at home that changed my perspective gave me the courage to step away from being an employee and in May 2018 I realised my dream of building a business of my own designed to support others.

Since then I have not only built a small but mighty business, I have also trained in quality improvement 




New, Exclusive Membership Launching on June 1st 2020

Designed for community, support, trainings and guidance.

A three tier membership offering monthly trainings, weekly support and monthly ‘virtual parties’ where we get to let our hair down and navigate the ups and downs of building a business together!

Doors close at midnight 31st May 2020

For your chance to become a founding member (with full tier access) for the lowest ever price of £19.82 per month sign up today

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