About Amy

Business Mentor

I work with people from all over the UK who have chosen to work for themselves or are trying to figure out what that might look like to them.

Mentoring you using what I learned as I built my own business as well as my years of experience in industry.

The mission is to change the world of work and business so that people can earn money AND look after themselves in the process. 

Work that works for you.

Amy Johnson Business Mentor

Amy Johnson – My Story

Growing up I was torn. Did I want to grow up to be Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Red Sonja or Kate Adie

Basically I wanted to be a badass

Instead, I unexpectedly left school at 14, missed uni entirely and built a stellar career. Helping clients, building relationships and teaching my skills to others was awesome, but like many I hated bureaucracy, red tape, unreasonable expectations on my time and the lack of commitment to healthy work environments.

I’d battled work frustration for years assuming that I was built wrong because I could never quite make myself fit that 9-5 kinda mould.

Rigid routines, red tape and wider corporate inefficiencies all made sure finding that elusive work/life balance impossible.

Pretty handy (pardon the pun!) when in October 2017 I  injured my right hand fairly significantly and had to take 3 months off to recover.

7 months after I got injured I made the move, choosing to become self employed and build my own business.

Today I run a  small thriving business dedicated to mentoring and teaching all the things I’ve learned along the way.

Why Work With Me?

Working with me can help you work out the best way to move forward in your work whilst supporting the whole you.

Making changes, creating strategies and supporting you to find the best most individual ways to implement it all so that they work for (and with you) is a great way to design the life and business you love.

It helps that I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to go through the highs and lows of building a business and making sure that I look after myself in the process.

I work with people who are committed to themselves and their businesses because I truly believe that you have every right to your vision of success and that it shouldn’t come at the cost of your relationships, personal life or your mental or physical health.

After 22 years building my career, I started The Amy Johnson in 2018.

Sharing my experience and skills with people as they build their own businesses and freelance careers.

Providing the back end support, friendly accountability and the guidance needed to design a life and business that works for them. 

My mission?

To help people who work for themselves to take a ‘whole them’ approach to what they do so that work, works for them.

Let’s talk about values shall we…

I love my business but I love the world more.

To me success is an individual measure of the achievement of your own desires in life and that means success is different for everyone.

But what if there are things that hold you back simply because of other peoples beliefs about them.

Your race, gender, economic background, mental health status, physical health status, body type, disability, religious belief, sexuality, geographic location?

Would it be right for you to have less access to resources to build your vision of success simply because you exist the way you do?


I don’t always get it right but I do believe in equity and will always learn and do better. This space and this business I’m building is a safe space. All are welcome to find and use whatever level of support that you may find beneficial to building your own business, life and wealth. If you want to discuss what that may be because what you see is not what you need, please email me amy@theamyjohnson.com and let’s chat. 

Here’s to a future where our children don’t need to question whether they are safe in any community just because of their existence.

It’s time to change the world. One person, one business and one community at a time.

Amy holding a post it note that says together close to the camera





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