You’ve made the choice to start a business or a side hustle. Congratulations, it’s so exciting. Now’s the time to grow your audience.

You don’t need me to tell you that now you’re going to creating content and posting on social media to try to drum up some business. Are you struggling to get any movement on it? Is this affecting your confidence and does it feel like you’re getting nowhere fast?

I understand. It can make you want to abandon your social media accounts altogether. And eurgh, aren’t you just sick of hearing ‘consistency is key’

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Here are some things that I’ve done that have really helped me.

Tip #1 Grow your audience by being patient

Grow your audience is slow like a turtle

Consistency could best be described as ‘patient persistence’ when it comes to your social media. In order to see the benefit of your work you need to keep doing it and wait. In fact, it can take 90 days (3 months) to see whether a content strategy is successful. Remember, if you stop and start another, you are pushing back your results.

In 2019 I struggled and didn’t want to use Instagram stories. However, I knew it needed to be part of my strategy.

I began posting a picture of my morning cup of tea and my bed hair and it became ‘a thing’. I stopped a couple of months ago and it was the highest volume of DMs I’ve ever had asking if I was ok. People expected me to show up.

Tip #2 Treat others how you want to be treated

Be kind

Do you want people to comment on your posts? Maybe you want people to like, save or share them?

Here’s what to do. Comment on other peoples posts, like, save and share other peoples posts. Two phrases I use a lot are; “when you give more you get more” and “when you get more you give more”

For example, if you find your ideal clients on Instagram spend time interacting on their posts. It’s kind, it’s connective and it naturally encourages the same behaviour. If you set your schedule to include a social media ‘power hour’ then make sure you’re allocating some engagement time on there.

Tip #3 Don’t forget to look after the ones you already have


Focusing so much on getting new customers causes some businesses to falter. Evidence of this is when I feel left behind or ignored and it has resulted in me taking my custom away from them (think of a well known TV subscription service)

Spend time thinking about the people who have already invested in you by following you. Who are they? What could you do that helps them? Have you been responsive to their posts and content?

It’s much easier to build a relationship with people who have already connected with you so don’t forget to nurture them too.


Here’s a freebie for you, My 10 steps to increase the visibility of your business – if you’re looking to grow your audience this is the one!

Catch you later,

Amy x