Are you your own worst enemy?

You’re not alone if you are. I’ve been there and know that I will get there again – multiple times. I have opted out of joining in because I don’t want to look silly, I have chosen not to be more present online because I thought people would be irritated. I have lost money rather than discuss my disappointment with a product or service. This translates to your business on so many levels. 

If you do any of the below then maybe it’s time to take a look at where you’re standing in your own way. Writing this I can tell you there are a couple of things I myself can probably (and should probably) address.

  • Keep yourself busy but feel like you haven’t achieved anything with it?
  • Find yourself feeling like there’s just too much to do and not enough time to do it in?
  • Tell little white lies about the status of your business?
  • Commit yourself to doing things that you actually really don’t want to do?
  • Spend your time doing the do but not creating anything new or tweaking what you have (you don’t have the time to do it all right) 

Like I said, you’re not alone but if we all get a little more honest a lot of the barriers in your business created by those bullet points are a result of choices you’re making. Eurgh, I hate a truth slap in the face like that. Often, when I read blog posts that say things like ‘truth slap in the face’ I stop reading.

I think ‘You don’t know me, don’t lump me in with everyone that is making their own life harder – I’m just doing what I need to do to keep my head above water, don’t you dare judge me’

If you didn’t know, I can be quite dramatic when I’m reading! 

But there it is. Those things that are holding you back/creating barriers – well you got yourself to this point and now you’re in that cycle and it’s probably time for you to take the bull by the horns and get unstuck.  

We all want to do less and earn more. We all want to keep control but not have to do it all. We all want to be the key player in our business and be able to blow our own trumpet about what we’ve achieved. 

Getting you out of the groundhog day habit of business (that we ALL get in from time to time) isn’t going to be possible in one blog post but I can help you get clear on what’s blocking you. There are a shit tonne of ways you can do this personally, I like a good old fashioned brainstorm or mind map or whatever you want to call it.

But first, there are some really common mistakes that we all make along the way.

  1. You try to juggle every little thing yourself (in business and life)
    • This isn’t a plug for outsourcing, unless you have the money and ability. This is about being honest with yourself about what you want to juggle/what you should juggle and what other people in your support network could help you with. Speak to your friends and family and ask for help with the kids/dinner. Most people are in your corner (if you let them be)
  2. You overwhelm yourself with unnecessary tasks
    • It’s so easy for this to happen. You bury yourself in the non essential day to day admin rather than revenue generating activities. Write everything you’re doing down and see what really is absolutely essential and what is just preferred but optional.
  3. You focus on the product or service but don’t actually sell
    • This is a biggie. It’s important to get your product/service out ready BUT if you are not dedicating time to your marketing and visibility and actually telling people how they can buy it then you’re just creating not building a business.
  4. You don’t network
    • This is similar to the above and is about putting yourself out there but it’s a really common way to hold yourself back. Networking is a way to hone your message and really get yourself and your product or service out there. Importantly though it can also really help you build that community of like minded people that are not only willing to buy from you but also potentially willing to work with/support or share your message for you too.
  5. You don’t have faith in yourself and let your lack of confidence hold you back
    • This is the single biggest one. Lack of confidence is like hating broccoli. You can live through it but you have to just have to get it done. You don’t have to be perfect, everyones firsts were not as polished as their 20th’s. There are people just like you who will resonate with you – be yourself and be approachable but most of all push yourself to do the thing. It will be good for your business just like broccoli is good for your body.

Getting some simple processes in place and having a clearer focus for what you’re doing will help. It’s all about the bite size chunks in my opinion. If you want a little help with that, I have an epic FREE ‘Set Up For Success’ guide jam packed with useful resources and tools just sign up below.

Catch you later, Amy x