Moving your business forward in 2021 feels like something you should say in a hushed voice.

I suspect, like many of us all around the world you may have experienced a change or two in your personal and professional journeys this last year or so. I know I have and I know that every single client I’ve worked with this year has too.

Trying to figure out what to do right now in order to get where we want to be or get what we want out of it can’t really be done in the same way as before. We need to think and be in a manner we are not used to.

We need to work and think differently.


It’s a pretty innocuous word all things considered and yet as a species we always balk at being different. In fact it’s one of the many fears that I believe hold us back in money, love, profession, physicality. That fear of what being different really means. Being abandoned and left out, laughed at or disgusted by.

Business has become odd since Covid. Millions of businesses have struggled, many people have faced employment or business hardship the likes of which we may not have seen before. It’s enough to put the fear of God in you about starting or expanding your own business/work.

For all the hardship there have also been people and businesses that have thrived. Though it all feels like you’re up against it, there’s also nothing to say you can’t do it either. Adaption is after all the key to evolution.

6 things to think about when moving your business forward in 2021

Relevant Industry

If you are just thinking of starting a business really paying attention to where the relevance of your business is within the business world will be key. It’s about understanding needs and demands. That’s not to say you have to have the same idea as someone else in order for it to be relevance. You simply need to know that there is a need for it right now and who and where that need is.

If you’re a potential start up or already an established business then refreshing yourself on this will be a useful tool. Take a look at the industries that are thriving now and will continue to be able to thrive and evolve ‘if’ things revert back.

Can your idea fit into one of the thriving industries? Can you pivot or expand to utilise these areas of growth?

Health & Care

For you and if you have them, employees and even for your clients working in a safe way is key, particularly in light of coronavirus. But this is more than just that too. This has been a great eye opener about how we care for our most vulnerable in the workplace as a whole. Now is the time you can think outside the box to protect yourself, your clients and your team.

Mentally, physically and not only in line with regulations but taking it further. Making a work environment and culture that changes the world of work for the better, for all.


Whether you’re starting up or levelling up money is crucial to your success. You SHOULD understand your income and expenses. you SHOULD take responsibility for these in as much as being able to be savvy about your outgoings, understanding the base running costs of your business and what you will need to invest in or remove from your business for it to thrive financially.

Track your money in and out, pay your bills on time and don’t have unnecessary bills. Seek to pay for value rather than convenience.

Finding the gaps financially will stand you in good stead whatever the weather and most importantly, do not be afraid to seek professional advice.

Clients / customers / beta testing

I don’t often tell people to work for free but sometimes it’s essential as part of your research and fine tuning.

You need to understand things from the end users perspective, make sure what you are offering actually is something people want and to fill in the gaps of the things you may not yet know. For instance you may offer mentoring like me but want to change up your offerings.

I regularly offer slightly different mentoring packages that run for a shorter time (for free or significantly reduced) to see whether they work with what clients actually want. It has meant I have honed my packages to 3 simple offerings instead of the 10-20 that I started with and that makes everything simpler!

Alternatively you may provide a hard copy of a resource to a select few people and ask for their feedback having used it. This will give you great insight into the words they use, the way the use it and that feedback can be priceless.

Social Media Marketing

If you don’t have the budget for ads and a team of experts then you need to become that for yourself. Social media offers a prime opportunity to market your business for free the trick? To focus on becoming awesome at one before worrying about using multiple platforms. Learning what you can and taking regular action.

Social media is used every day by millions of people. Understanding which platform the people who would most likely buy your product or service are in is important and there are so many free resources to learning about them too.

Check out the industry, what’s working well and what isn’t. Figure out what kind of voice and imagery you want to use and create eye-catching graphics with easy to digest content. Even if you feel weird posting or even if you feel like you’re that annoying person posting do it anyway. No one is going to knock on your business door if they never really know it exists. The judgement of others (which is pretty minimal tbh) will not make a successful business. Being known, seen and thought of will.

It can be a slow and steady progress. That’s incredible.

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Catch you later,

Amy x