I have been dying to do one of these kinds of posts but if I’m honest I thought I was far too boring! I probably am but here you are anyway!

My days usually start with with the dog sitting on my head at around 5 am, I know it’s ridiculously glamorous and you are uber desperate to have a furry alarm clock trying to lick your eyeballs as a way of waking you up too. Jack Russells are the one for this furry morning alert system but don’t forget a dog is for life not just for Christmas.

Today I got up and let the dog out, I look like a hobo (here is the proof) and honestly I don’t really want to do much today, I feel a bit unmotivated and am still getting over a horrible cold, the mornings are currently a bit of a drag. I have an idea of what my day is going to look like and it doesn’t really matter if I wake up singing like Mary Poppins has possessed me overnight. It just matters that I get up and get going.

5-6 am generally means sticking on a load of washing and then with my still foggy morning head, I sit of the sofa drinking my tea and taking some quiet time with my journal. I know, it seems all woo woo but I have learned this last year that there is something I need to do for my own sanity and that is share my feelings without holding back.

Being your own boss, raising a teenager, embarking on a new life with a partner and everything in between can be incredibly awesome but it’s also somewhat mentally taxing. This is something I recently introduced as a little bit of self-care and so far so good.

The other half gets up and I stir my son who (as usual) takes an age to wake up and get ready. He never tries to get the day off school but boy does he take his sweet time getting his shit together. Now I’m washed dressed and ready to go I scroll Instagram and Facebook a bit. What can I say, I do love a mindless browse. That being said, I’ve replied to my DMs and chatted with some amazing people on their posts and mine today too so it’s been pretty productive.

My son is 14 but we live in the sticks and I do the school run, after I drop him I head to town 6 miles away to do some on site work, one thing I don’t miss about working for someone else in an office is the traffic, last week it averaged an hour to do that 6 mile journey. Over the course of this morning it has taken me an hour and forty five minutes to do a 12 mile round trip. Ridiculous, especially when I have a home office.

My work this morning was for someone elses business and it’s going well for them which I am pleased to see but I am not sorry to get back to my own little home office and get into more comfortable clothes (basically pj comfort is what I’m going for today).

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that people are weird today, I must admit I searched the moon cycle (the next full moon is apparently 12th November and it’s called ‘Beaver Moon’)

It’s already 3pm and so off I head to do the school run. I collect Josh and his friend Jack who lives in the same village, they are a hilarious duo who are crude and funny and smart in equal measure. They spend the journey talking about their penises and singing along to whatever happens to be playing on the radio. I have a migraine coming but they’re too awesome to restrict.

I love this next couple of hours of my day they’re always some of my favourites, I do a quick tidy then Josh and I mooch together watching old episodes of Without A Trace. We zone right out with tea and blankets on the sofa and it is bliss!

As always, I encourage him to do his homework or some revision and he incessantly asks me for food – it’s kind of our thing. So far he’s had some blueberries, some grapes, half a bag of gluten and milk free pretzels and a tin of sardines in tomato sauce. My boyfriend Ryan doesn’t generally get home on a Tuesday until after 7pm, he is a creature of habit and usually goes to the gym but tonight we are going to our village pub for some fireworks so Josh and I eat a chicken and mushroom stir-fry around 5/5:30 since I am now at the end of my tether with the ‘mum, i’m hungry, what can I have?’ chants (I think it’s his version of a Haka). Ryans dinner will be waiting for him when we get back since he’ll be running late and have to head almost immediately to the pub. In the meantime, after dinner and whilst I wait I crack on with some work.

This time is time I dedicate to working on my own business. I time block in a flexible 2 hours a day which basically means that dependant on what my business needs are at the moment the work I do in this time will vary from day to day/week to week. It could be marketing or it could be engagement, maybe it’s a treasure hunt and reaching out to previous or potential clients. Today it’s all about creating free downloads that I will be sharing on future blog posts, in my weekly email or on my social media posts. It’s one of my favourite jobs I must admit.

I have some client stuff to do, going over some strategy and I make a note of the things I am able to share as content at a later date. Then Ryans home and it’s time to pop to the pub. The fireworks were cute, short but sweet and it’s when we get home that things start to get tricky, it’s after 8 and I am desperate to continue working because the muse is strong tonight.

Like many of the women I know who are building their own businesses in the pockets of time they have I’m also torn. My boyfriend always makes it clear he wants to spend time together, it’s fairly jokey but I feel it. I’m in the super busy cycle right now, laying the foundations for next year so I feel like I have to choose between a better future for us and watching Netflix with my love. It’s not an easy balance to find. We settle on watching Hobbs and Shaw on the sofa whilst I crack on with the work on my laptop.

10pm and it’s time for the bedtime routine which is fairly basic, wash, teeth brush hair, make sure window is open and snuggle down ready for it all to start again tomorrow.

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Catch you later, Amy x