As I sit here writing this I can’t quite figure out the words that need to be here. I have been staring at a slightly messy house, holiday ironing piles and feeling dreadfully scattered – an inability to focus on any one task for the business.

Oh, how I have been willing that headline to be my story today.

You could call it the holiday blues but I think of it as the natural ebb and flow of the creative mind. That being said it’s been a real uphill struggle this weekend to get my business mojo back and I don’t really care whether it’s the natural ebb and flow, I want the work done but I have zero motivation to do it. Does that feeling sound at all familiar to you?

There’s a famous quote attributed to Zig Ziglar that feels incredibly apt for my progress this weekend, you’ve probably heard it but it’s for sure a quote that has been whirling round my mind today…

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily”

Never a truer word spoken and I know you’ve been through this too. The knowing what you want to do or what actions need to be taken and the utter rubbish, self sabotaging, action blocking, lethargic lack of energy that occasionally stops you in your tracks.

Normally I delve into my little bag of tricks – pump out some upbeat tunes, listen to a motivational audio book, just pick one thing to do and crack on but this weekend even that seemed too much. I’ve spent much of today – a sunny Sunday morning and a rainy Sunday afternoon kicking myself for not doing more, not being better and I really did consider running away to Tibet and learning how to meditate just to quiet the sound of my own mind.


I wondered to myself, what if we all kick ourselves when we are in this position? What if we all have spent so long going round the houses, following all the rules of life and business and still getting days, weekends or even months when we simply have little to no get up and go. And what if we all need a bloody reality check. It is not a unique experience and it isn’t limited to business either but when you come up against it, it can really drive you crazy.

If the ebb and flow is such a normal part of life and business then why don’t we embrace it? Why do we kick ourselves rather than accept that it’s OK to switch off for a little while? Especially when we have so much else going on, especially when it’s entirely possible it’s your mind or body telling you it’s time to recharge?

What if I told you this feeling is as normal as is the tide flowing in and out? Would you try to stop the tide? Or would you paddle in it until you were ready to leave?

What if I gave myself, and by association you, permission to accept a little lack lustre energy from time to time? I’d love to know what you would do. If I gave you 1 day where you have permission not to do all the necessary but simply to be alive. What would you do?

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Catch you later, Amy x