Something I didn’t expect when I went into businesses (initially as a Virtual Assistant) was the speed with which businesses evolve nowadays. Over the last year my business has changed dramatically. Going from exchanging time for money, providing a specific type of service to being something much more flexible, exchanging knowledge and experience for money in a whole other way.

Can you resonate? Seriously, 18 months ago I was a different person to the one that quit her job and thrust herself in the world of entrepreneurship. Then there’s the business world itself. Ever evolving. 

The big question I asked myself when I was reminiscing over the summer was why? Why did my business evolve into a totally new version of itself?

The conclusion may surprise you but I realise it was entirely because what I wanted from the business had changed. Obviously I want it to be wildly successful no matter what it is. But I realised that as I learned more and worked with more people, I felt less joy in doing the bog standard admin but was often leaned on for my other experience in project management, on navigating hurdles that we create ourselves in our jobs and in our businesses.

I also realised that I didn’t feel like I fit into the mould I had learned from other online businesses and that I had happily created for myself when I started by way of having a plan. I was keeping myself stuck because I thought I had to do business the way other online businesses did it. After all, they were successful right? I also thought I would be seen as flighty or impractical, maybe even as a ‘silly girl’ for changing my business model. Stuck, stuck, stuck.

Luckily, getting to the core of a problem is my jam so I asked myself, why was I keeping myself stuck? I asked, how do I reach more small business or ambitious employed women? How do I help more women overcome their hurdles and stop over complicating things? 

To do that my business needed to change or I was going to end up miserable and finding no satisfaction in what I was spending my life building. I also didn’t think I could be of as much benefit to you.

Are you your own worst enemy and keeping your business stuck just like I was? Have you been struggling to figure out how to be you in your business because you *think* you should be doing things a certain way?

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Catch you later, Amy x