I wanted to talk to you today about the times when a huge pivot starts to take shape in your life and what that means you need to do – especially when you’re over 30.

I am a firm believer in everyone being able to pivot should they need and wish to.

But, I definitely appreciate that in many ways the older you get the tougher it can feel. After I had my son at the age of 22 everything had a bigger bearing because the level of my responsibilities had increased. That being said, I do believe that there are a couple of things you can keep in mind to help you through such a transition particularly if you are over 30.

Your mindset is the biggest blessing or barrier to the success of your transition.

I found myself chatting to my boyfriend last night and we were discussing things we felt we had changed because we were now ‘too old’ well that’s a really tough mindset to have if you want to change your career, pivot your business or start building your empire.

After all, if you keep telling yourself you’re too old to do something, you’re probably going to feel too old to do something!

Age is not the important component to this change right now. If we look at the retirement age now compared to 30 years ago it’s increased. Yes, I realise there’s a governmental thing there but also it’s because capability does not suddenly disappear when you hit a certain age. We recognise in others that they can still do life no matter their age, give that courtesy to yourself.

It’s also about reminding yourself that you have so much more experience than you did at 19. Your career, life and personal experiences make you so much more ready to take on change – it’s not your age, it’s your fear that holds you back.

Just google ‘people who became successful later in life’ and you will find a plethora of stories about breakthroughs that you’ve probably heard of but put to the back of your mind. Use these to reinforce your evidence of change success.

It can be done and you can do it. Just remember to disrupt that negative mindset of ‘I’m too old’ when that nasty bugger creeps in.

You need to open yourself up to expanding your education.

Some of you will actually be thinking about going back to school so that could really be quite literal but, I’m also talking about learning all you need to learn about the career/business and pivot that you’re going to make as a broader thing.

For example, I quit my job and set up as virtual assistant but I had never been my own boss and so, I invested some time with a local training provider to get free training on starting a business which included basic bookkeeping / marketing / website creation etc. and then I invested in a program that taught me some of the other stuff I didn’t know well enough like identifying my ideal client and working on my money mindset.

It’s important to remember that if you want to do a thing, it’s not just the thing that you will be doing, right? For me I was doing the virtual admin – of course I was, but I was also marketing, design, customer service, lead generator etc etc.

No matter your pivot there’s things to learn outside of the actual part of the job that your going to be doing.

You have to actually do something about it.

This seems obvious right but sometimes we get caught up in the dream, in the thought process, in the research and planning that we don’t ever actually do the doing.

All of the big gurus and thought leaders will tell you this but you have to take action. A lot of them call it having a ‘bias towards action’. Mel Robbins has coined the 5,4,3,2,1 method and there are many more out there with their own spin on it.

It’s simple, if you take small incremental steps everyday regarding that change then you will get there. When you’re feeling meh, ask yourself ‘what is the right thing for me to action today, what is the step I can take right now to move me a tiny bit forward’

It could be to listen to a training audio on your lunch break instead of chatting with Joanne in the cafeteria about Carolines wedding plans. It could be to reach out to people for mentorship etc.

It’s the ‘doing’ of these things that moves you forward.

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Catch you later, Amy x