One of the things you have taught me is that this freelance/small business/start up journey is one of many pathways and options.

It’s a bit like building a house and in that respect it’s really important to start with really solid foundations. There is a whole process to starting, building or expanding an existing business or freelance career but the first step really is all about creation.

Anyone that dreams of building a business is a creator but sometimes the creative mind can be so full of fizz and energy with lots of ideas that it’s hard to focus and really get momentum.

Taking a look at these ideas and beginning the process of turning them into actual things really is what this first ‘foundation’ building step is all about. It’s a skill you can learn and a tool you can use no matter what stage you’re at it’s all about taking your idea out of your head and making it concrete – giving it an existence.

Giving it an existence means that it begins to have form. It’s out of your head and written down on paper. It is what will ultimately enable you to get incredible clarity on what you need to do in order to make it happen.

I think one of the goals of all this is to make sure you’re enjoying the process as much as its success – treat it like something fun and it makes the methodology, the work so much more vibrant, achievable and doable. 

It’s all about having fun, creating clarity and finding out what tools you’re going to need.

Creation – taking your idea and making it concrete.

Why is this so important?

Frankly, we all have a gazillion million pound ideas but having a great idea in your head is just a fantasy. If you don’t give it an existence and support that with actionable steps you don’t have the million pounds, you just have a great idea.

Personally I believe it’s one of the most significant steps and because it’s so basic you’ll notice that a lot of people skip it entirely.

The instinct is to say you have an idea then run with it and it’s messy and hard and like climbing up a hill backwards in tar or you don’t really do anything with it at all. 

It is a teachable skill (you’ve probably already been taught it). We all know you can’t be an Olympic gymnast without learning the basics and working them hard! It’s the same with your idea – you need to do the basics and work them hard too.

It will help to stop you feeling like you’re being reactive instead of proactive, it will make you feel like you are more together with it and understand and retain the intrinsic value of your idea.

Implementing a habit of fleshing out your ideas will give you a better understanding of the business side of what you’re planning to do which means that you are creating space to focus on your zone of genius. 

It helps you waste less time, helps you maintain your energy and really does reduce the tasks that really aren’t going to get you anywhere.

Even better, you will absolutely learn from your own process and it’s associated success.

There are 6 basic steps to this process and you’ll already know some of them

I call it the springboard method:








Basically put this set of steps is going to be how you know what you need to do.

Simple right? Basic even? So, why don’t more people do it? Because we like to over-complicate it. We think the key to our success is rooted in the algorithm but it’s rooted in nailing the basics.

It’s easier to nail them when you have someone to do them with. If you’re interested, I’m hold FREE masterclasses and webinars. If you want to register for more information click below on SIGN UP TODAY.

Catch you later, Amy x