It’s normal for business to plateau. It’s normal to hit a wall or to struggle to move to the next level. Moreover, the difference between succeeding here or walking away is whether you have enough endurance. Endurance is key to your small business success.

Finding it hard to move towards the next financial milestone and you’re doing everything in your power? You’re not alone, it’s a common issue in businesses of any size. Consequently, recognising you’re here is the first step to moving forward.

Some people get here and falter, they never quite regain momentum and find them unable to progress. At the same time, some are unable to get over it knocking their confidence so much that they give up.

I know that’s not you, so let’s explore this further.

The dreaded plateau will challenge your stamina

You didn’t see it coming. One minute everything is progressing at a rate of knots and the next you’ve just stopped improving and it feels exhausting.

Then of course, there comes an inevitable stage where things stop being ‘easy’. Where you know that you have to change something, somehow from what you’re doing that has been going well for you so far in order to get you across that next barrier.

How do some businesses overcome these barriers whilst others don’t? I will repeat, endurance is the key to your small business success.

Commitment, it’s the ignition to your endurance

When things inevitable get tough and the next stage seems like it’s too difficult to reach this is where you learn whether you’re resistant to what that success might mean for you or whether your resilience and perseverance are stronger than your fears.

Staying the course and renewing your commitment to your business is essential. As a result, ff you don’t believe in it your resistance will win out.

Here’s how I re-frame my resistance to success
  • I shouldn’t want to make more money when so many people are struggling right now
    • My business success will be motivational and inspirational for people who are struggling right now but dream of building their own businesses.
  • People will say that I am bragging if I start to earn more money through the business
    • Anyone that holds this opinion does not require my energy. They do not support my family, pay my bills or work on or in my business
  • I feel selfish for wanting a more financially stable, more abundant life
    • The more I get, the more I can give

Let’s recommit to your business. Let’s recommit to the big, huge hopes and dreams you have right now. I commit to building a business that inspires others to create their own amazing lives and businesses, I commit to generating enough money to pour that freedom and joy it brings into my community. I commit to building the best business I can, for the good of my family and for all those who are a part of my community.

A next level successful business is the logical next step to be the change I wish to see in the world. I owe it to myself and to my business to do this.

It’s my experience that when you move beyond the wall you find yourself reignited with energy and motivation. This is the start of increasing your endurance.

FOMO is the killer of staying power

Learning to build endurance as an entrepreneur will throw a few spanners in the works for you. One of the most common is FOMO or the excitement of a new opportunity that challenges your commitment to your growth.

Worrying that you will miss out on the next big thing, worry that you aren’t at the top of your game or worry that everyone else’s grass looks greener than your own is a subtle but easy trap for us entrepreneurs to fall into. It’s distraction procrastination at it’s best!

Here’s how I use these moments to build my endurance.
  • Make a note of the idea/thought/distraction to get it out of your head (I have an ideas/thoughts notepad which I then read through once a week). This is all about acceptance.
  • Make sure you’re aware of and grateful for the things that are going well and the things the new level of your business will bring. Write these down in your journal. If you don’t journal just make a note in your diary, calendar or a dedicated notebook by your bed, whatever works for you.
  • Take a social media break for a day or two (slipping into the comparison trap is often a result of this kind of FOMO)
  • Focus on what you’re doing now. Zone in as far as you can for even 30 minutes. I put on noise cancelling headphones and start handwriting about the task at hand. For some reason this reignites my creativity and energy for the task I’m supposed to be focusing on
  • Reach out to a friend or peer that has an understanding of building a small business and entrepreneurship – sometimes a chat with a friend is all you need

Maintain your purpose, it breeds endurance

Have you heard the phrase ‘What’s your why?’ well, I’m rehashing that one for you here. I don’t care how you do it but make sure that the reason you wanted your business and why you want to achieve what you do will help keep you on track.

  • Patience – Write down why you started your business
  • Fortitude – Create a vision board
  • Staying Power – Revisit your long term goals and re align with them or clarify where you’re at on that journey

Celebrate how well you’ve already done for longevity

Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back. Remember those awesome bosses you had that encouraged you, gave you clear instructions and showed their appreciation? Remember how much more motivated you were to do well when they treated you well?

So do it for yourself too!

Stop Unnecessary Distractions

There are many things in our day to day lives that distract us, from pets to toddlers, phone calls to deliveries, notifications and QVC. The key is to limit the ones you can and create boundaries for those that you can’t always. Here are some practical steps you can take to limit the ones you can 10 Ways to Stop Getting Distracted (The Checklist!)

Ask for help, it helps strengthen your endurance

I’m in the service of helping businesses so I would be silly not to mention asking for help. You could hire a mentor like me to help you get back on track and help keep you accountable and motivated. Or you could outsource some of the things that really drain your energy and momentum. Maybe you could get a VA? Outsource your social media graphics? Get help with content writing or packaging.

Asking yourself the important questions, holding yourself or getting support to hold you accountable for the changes you need to make, challenging your mindset and taking action will all help you to consistently strengthen your endurance and as you know, Endurance is key to your small business success.

Are you struggling to get over that hurdle?