A few months ago when I was planning on coming back to life after my self imposed 6 month break and social media hiatus I needed some inspiration and so I went back to my old favourite – reading (or in this case listening).

Audio books are a real treasure, I can listen whilst I’m in the car, in the bath and when my eyes are tired from staring at screens all day they’re a really nice way to help re-calibrate my mind.

The feeling of overwhelm can be huge when you’re coming back into something or when you are starting something new so using books to re-frame it is what I consider an easy win.

I listened to an audio book, which one I can’t remember, but it talked a lot about decluttering in order to free up space both mentally and physically for your business and it dawned on me that I was holding on to lots and lots of crap.

So I made 2 lists

  1. Physical Space
  2. Emotional Baggage

Physical space is a big one for me though it may not be for you in the same way. I like to feel tidy, clean, light and organised. It’s definitely when I do my best work. Some people I know work well with lots of ornaments and stuff around them, whatever floats your boat – it’s about getting rid of what doesn’t work for you and making your space a more suitable work environment.

Work in your office? Straighten it up, pretty it up if that makes you happy but get rid of what you don’t need. My list had things like ‘2 monitors, laptop for lounge, everything put away, light, separate office majority of the time, unpack/pack away boxes, better lighting, less clutter, get rid of broken stuff’

Emotional baggage hasn’t always been easy. I keep a notebook on me that I make notes in whenever I find myself struggling against something. It’s kinda linked to my journal but I have a small notebook to keep with me. For example, maybe I wake up feeling crappy and like I am not capable – it goes in my notebook. I don’t feel capable today – did something make me think that, did someone make me think that, what ‘stuff’ does that feeling bring up?

Whenever I declutter this way it really does give me a new lease of life. I also find that I rekindle my love for learning – especially those things I’ve been putting off because of overwhelm. If you’re looking to master new skills why not register for FREE access to my masterclasses. Information sent direct to your inbox regularly and at no cost to you. Sign up below, what’s to lose.

Catch you later, Amy x