If a problem can be solved with action, you don’t have a problem

Harsh hey?

When it came to other peoples lives and businesses I could see clearly but when it came to me I was the Queen Bee of self pity. I was always ‘eurgh another problem, another barrier, another excuse’. I’d say that this was the mentality that kept me in employment for so long to be honest, that I can’t do it for myself mojo.

Then, I heard someone say:

‘If a problem can be solved with action, you don’t have a problem’

I caught myself feeling embarrassed by my lack of confidence and abundance of negativity.

I mean, sure, things can challenge us personally and professionally but if there is something I can do to change that is it really something I should consider a problem? Something I should be all pity party for 1 about?


No way.

No way Jose.

That mentality doesn’t live in this mind anymore.

Here are 3 areas that I often found myself bemoaning, check it out a few of the things I did to help myself.

  • Need to earn more money? 
    • Look at what you’re already spending and see whether you can reduce itSell stuff that you don’t use If people owe you money, ask for them to repay it and agree a planOffer a discounted service to previous clients or offer existing clients a good deal on an ‘extra’ – time/space limitedReach out to 20 people you’ve been interested in working with and start a conversation
  • Don’t have enough time?
    • Take 3 hours off and use it to write down every little thing you have to do. Now look at the things you have listed and highlight the things that literally only you can do. I’m not talking about the desire to be in control, I’m talking about the things that no one else on the planet can do for you.Take a look at your calendar and cluster similar things. Going to an appointment? Do your shopping on the way back. Got shed loads of content to create – book out a few hours once a week dedicated just to that.Share the load where you can – if you share a home you should give yourself permission to share the chores and upkeep.
  • Don’t have any friends that understand?
    • Go to one local networking event a month (different each time) for 3 months and get to know some of the other people building business just like you locally.
    • Join 3 Online groups that are dedicated to entrepreneurs like you and start commenting and sharing on posts that resonate with you.
    • Reach out to people you admire and share why they’ve helped you.
  • Need more clients/customers?
    • Ask existing clients whether they could recommend you to anyone
    • Follow back up with people that have previously showed interest
    • Go on a treasure hunt and start talking to people that have worked with you and see whether they have anything you can support them with now.

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Catch you later, Amy x