I’ve been sharing all about how to create momentum in your business over on my Instagram this week.

There are many ways to consider momentum. It could be a ‘winning streak’ or forward motion. It could be about creation and the new, for me it’s about seeing sustained growth. Whether you are thinking personally or professionally good momentum can really help you see results.

Momentum is great because (for the most part) it’s self energising. The more momentum you have, the more momentum you will get. What’s more this is incredibly motivating and we all know that the more motivated you are the more opportunities will come your way.

Here are my favourite ways to create momentum in your business (and get results)

Want to create momentum in your business? Start with a plan

Having a business plan doesn’t have to be stuffy and stifling, in fact, this can be an incredibly fun and energising process. Think of your plan as choosing which direction to set off in along with your intended route set out. If you don’t have a plan (and most small businesses that start with little prior experience don’t) you could find yourself feeling easily distracted and unable to really get off the starting blocks.

It’s a proven neuro-scientific fact that writing something down means you’re 42% more likely to achieve it. I liked this article by Mark Murphy where he explains it further.

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Take that one step further and start setting some goals

I love to write about setting goals (check out this post on why it’s important). If you’ve been around and reading blogs for any length of time from coaches, mentors and business experts you will likely have heard of SMART goals.

SMART goals are:


  • Goals that are clear and well defined


  • Goals where progress can be measured


  • Goals that it is possible to achieve (not something like winning the lottery)


  • Goals that are in alignment with your plan and vision for your business

Time based:

  • Goals that have a period of time in which they should be attained

Setting goals should work alongside your plan, they are useful for two reasons. One because they are designed to move you forward and two because whilst you’re ‘grinding’ you can feel satisfied that you are well on your way.

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Okay, I’m saying it…Mindset!

Yes, it’s a real buzzword at the moment and no, having a good mindset doesn’t fix everything. Having a positive, can do mindset and surrounding yourself with people who have the same can work wonders.

When you work with a positive frame of mind with like minded people you will find that you are less likely to succumb to fear and cynicism about your abilities. The way you think will empower you and your business. It affects your thinking, your energy and your patterns of behaviour (hello, ever wondered why that friend of yours has set up so many MLMs on your facebook but never really stuck it out?)

If this is a struggle for you, I suggest putting pen to paper and writing down all the negative thoughts you have about why it wont work. These are called limiting beliefs and if you know they’re there you can work to unlearn them, take proactive action or overcome the entirely.

Create momentum, believe in yourself

Get focused

Oh what a fickle, instant gratification based world we live in. You will have no idea how much that rings true for you until you start your own venture. Staying focused on the end goal is tough. Especially when things are slow or hard or both.

Don’t forget that there is no such thing as an overnight success. Not really, years go into building a business behind the scenes. Maybe it’s in the training and up skilling. Maybe it’s in the networking and the knock backs (Let’s think of Samuel L Jackson who we feel has been on our screens and at the pinnacle of his career forever. He didn’t even get his first big movie roll until he was 45 years old. And we all know about Harry Potter being refused by at least 12 publishers before JK Rowling got a deal)

So here’s the thing. Focus is hard, it’s a little bit planning, a little bit obsession with your dream and it’s a whole hell of a lot of not giving up. If you can start building your focus muscles in baby steps it will serve you well.

Patting yourself on the back can help create momentum in your business

You should absolutely make sure you enjoy and feel good about all the wins big or small as you progress. Maybe it will be buying something you need or want. Maybe it will be finiding work early and taking the weekend off to sit in the garden. Its all about appreciating the hard work you do.

If you do all these things, you will start to see more momentum in your business but the key to everything is consistency. Do it consistently and one day you’ll realise you’re where you’d hoped you’d be.

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Amy x