September always brings such change for me. I am a deep abiding lover of spring and summer but even I appreciate the change of the seasons. Right now the days are drawing in and (mostly) the air is getting fresher. Boy does it get my creative juices flowing.

September also brings with it the start of the last quarter of the year. This is so exciting but I know it can be really daunting too. Especially in business when you’re just starting out because everyone starts sharing their ambitious plans for the next 3 months. I love setting goals, seeing how far I’ve come and weighing up where I want to be in the new year. Do you? 

I’m going on holiday soon to sunny Turkey and I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to many things but mostly just a change of scenery with a change of focus for 2 weeks where the only thing that matters is being with my people. Bliss. Sometimes you just have to take time out and re-calibrate.

One of the things I love to do as the year draws to a close (normally around November) is to write a life list. I’ve decided to move this forward to September and so whilst on holiday I am going to put pen to paper and will create my 2019/2020 life list. 

It’s such a mammoth task for me because I go all in, I look back at where I started and what was good, not so good and what was downright awful and then I figure out my lessons learned and why I chose those things in my life (let us be honest, we all get to where we are through the choices we make, even when other circumstances dictate elements of it). Then I start writing, I write everything I want in life (and business) for the next 12 months, I write small tiny things like what perfume I want to wear to more difficult things to evidence such as how I want to perceive myself right through to huge, giant, scary, out of this world things like buying a house.

It’s incredibly cathartic and after stepping away for 6 months or so I think it’s a good way to re align myself with my business and life. I often find just putting pen to paper makes a monumental difference in my level of focus. I love that even when I’m not consciously aware of it, at the end of the year I discover that the life list could have been used as a road map for what has happened.

You’ll find lots of content kicking about throughout September. Here on the blog, behind the scenes and when you subscribe (which you can do here). I’ll be sharing loads of ideas on how to get unstuck and what you can do for yourself as a small business owner as well as plenty of free downloads to help you on your way. Just Click SIGN UP TODAY below and you’ll get a Set Up For Success Guide 100% FREE.

But, after all that waffle I want to ask the most important questions:

How are you? How has your summer been? 

Catch you later, Amy x