I’ve lost count of how many people tell me they know what they want but never quite achieve it. They have tried manifesting, to do lists, elaborate vision boards, structured business plans and yet…tumbleweed on the achievements.

I’m guilty of it myself but then I realised two things. 

1) I was still going too big. Being achievable is essential

2) I like instant gratification so long term goals were too hard to get to without a plan

The problem is that successful goal setting is a backward process and yet to achieve the goals you must have forward momentum in the process. Counter intuitive or what!

This is an exercise that can be as full on or as simple as you need it to be. I like to take a deep dive into my goal but that’s the need for instant gratification.

Think of your big goal as the finish line and then I want you to think of that as a 12 month process.

To get there, what thing did you achieve each month to move you forward?

OK, so your big goal is connected but now it’s time to focus on the now. Let’s look at month 1. This is what you believe needs to happen in the next 4 weeks to move you towards your big goal.

What action steps you can do today and tomorrow and the rest of the week or month to achieve that goal? You can’t make that omelette without first taking action on those eggs right! 

Doing it this way has a number of benefits, the one I find the most pleasing is that every time you take that action you absolutely know that you’re moving the needle. One teeny tiny achievable step at a time. And one of the other benefits for me is that it removes the pressure.

The big goal isn’t gone it’s just chilling and it has become almost inevitable because you’re doing the work needed to get you there, one step at a time. 

You also have all the other mile markers laid out for you so bonus! When you have committed to the first lot and they’ve done their job and you’ve created that new habit then you move onto the next one. 

Quite simply you’ve created your own map or flow charted to do list. Easy peasy.

I do this myself and review it regularly and I often keep my 30,60 and 90 day plans to hand. If you want to get your hands on them for free sign up below.

Catch you later, Amy x