I want to keep revisiting brainstorming and goal setting in the lead up to my FREE WORKSHOP partly because I gave myself the challenge of writing a new blog post every day and partly because I think it’s so freakin’ important to build in these foundations for your business.

My assumption here is that you have done your brain dump of every idea in your busy mind. Business ideas, new start up ideas, ideas to move your existing business forward – all those ideas should be on a page somewhere.

If you haven’t gotten around to prioritising or don’t really know how to then here’s a great tip I learned somewhere along the way.

So you’ve brain dumped every idea goal and hope you have onto the page. Now you need to cut.it.back…

That’s right you need to sift through and filter those ideas until you’re left with fewer but more significant ones. These are your priorities, but how do you filter it? 

You need to ask and confirm 3 things for each and every idea – this is how you will filter the non priorities from the essentials.

  1. What would the reward for making this idea happen be? How would it impact you when you achieve it? For example what would happen to/for you financially/mentally/for your family/for your business/your life
  2. How will this idea coming to fruition help other people? Your family, your team, your clients, your community 
  3. What do you have to be/who do you have to become in order to turn this from a goal into real life ‘completed it mate’? Do you have to develop any skills or build in any new habits?

Filtering in this way doesn’t mean you wont pick up the other ideas at some point, it means that you can focus on the ideas that will reap the biggest rewards and stretch you to growth the most now. So be brutal, don’t feel guilty just put away the ones that are for another year or when you have nailed one of the ones you’ve chosen to focus on.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with 20 long term goals, remember where you’re currently at you may be able to focus on 3 (this is what I do – 1 business, 1 personal and 1 learning – and they often link up if I’m honest) but your circumstances are different to mine. When I was a single mum it was harder to find time, now I’m in an equal partnership and my son is older I can do more, so don’t beat yourself up if you have 1 goal and don’t put pressure on yourself to have 6, listen to yourself and trust that you know how far you can split your dedication.

I would love to hear from you, get in touch and share whether you’ve set any goals and what they are. 

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Catch you later, Amy x