OK, no point avoiding the obvious. It’s a bit of a shit tip out there at the moment. I think you can start to improve your business today.

Covid-19 is creating havoc and small businesses everywhere are standing to attention worrying that they will go under before this is all over.

Worrying. Learn how to improve your business

But how do you improve your business right now?

Unfortunately, this is not a magic pill post. I’m in the same boat as many other small businesses and there’s a lot of uncertainty around.

I do know that when the going gets tough the value of your relationships is priceless. Now is a time when your clients will see whether you value them.

Whether you value their relationships. What your stance on customer service is and how you manage them when the going gets tough.

Maybe we will pull our businesses through this, maybe we wont (my crystal ball is a bit dusty right now). I have faith in you and the economy though!

What I can say with wholehearted belief is that now is the IDEAL time to focus on your relationships. It’s the #1 way to improve your business starting today.

I’ve said it before but Customer Service begins BEFORE anyone ever buys from you. It’s in every message you share, every image/shop front/ad view of you that someone has.

Exceptional customer service revolves around 1 thing. Conversation.

Right now, more than you have probably ever experienced with your business you need customers to stand by you. Think about your experience with people and businesses as their customer. Who is it that makes you say “I definitely want to help them as much as I can right now, I definitely want to buy from them as soon as I can?”

How can you draw your clients to that same conclusion?

The # way to improve your business (today) is to focus on customer service. Here’s how.

Here’s a little list of practical things you can do to support your business from a customer service perspective.

💥 Start conversations with people who you want to work with in the future just to build a rapport NOT to flash your nickers

💥 Email your list with updates, interesting tid bits and something that they can use that is in your expertise and not theirs

💥 Share some useful information on your socials about how people can prepare to use your product or services when normality returns (think ‘this is a great time to prune your bushes and here’s a few tips’ or ‘Here’s a link to a guided meditation that will really help your mindset’)

💥 Say thank you to existing/previous customers – there’s nothing like a personalised note/email/card/voice-note saying how much you’ve enjoyed working with them

💥 Re-share something from another business you admire (with their permission)

💥 Pause and get some perspective on the quality of your products and services. A regular assessment should always be planned in anyway – could they better serve your customers?

💥 Embrace creating and implementing an EXCEPTIONAL customer journey. Automations, email sequences, on-boarding processes etc.

I wrote about 5 simple things you can focus on to improve your business which you might find useful too.

Catch you later,

Amy x

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