Ok Ok, so this is something you will hear a lot about this month as I know how useful this super simple technique is. You probably first brainstormed at school and then kind of put it to one side as almost too basic.

I believe that this is one of the most critical elements to your business building blocks.

Brainstorming is a powerful tool that helps you get out of that ‘stuck on the problem and can’t see past it’ stage. It’s the first step to getting out of your own head and is the springboard to propelling you forward.

Sometimes the simple things are the best. And if you don’t want to get locked in the frustration/problem zone then this is the tool for you and honestly, it’s useable in all stages of your business and can be revisited often, I know that I use it regularly.

Brainstorming is about exploring outside of your existing frustration, freeing your mind to explore beyond your current belief system because being able to think outside of that allows you the space your mind needs to find new solutions and most importantly gets you asking the right questions.

Part of the work I do with my clients is to teach them the methods I use to work this process and get results.

The key to this is to remember there are no right or wrong elements, no right or wrong answers. 

It’s a process of exploration and it’s essential because you don’t have all the answers, none of us do. This is the stage where you come up with lots of options, lot’s of solutions and most important lots of different questions that will help you reframe the issue at hand and make some breakthroughs.

The ingenious part is that the very act of brainstorming is proven to stimulate the mind and unlock creativity. Think of it as having a chat with yourself – the kind you have with a friend or a peer that gives you that eureka moment.

So here is my take on it.

Basic brainstorming

Step 1: The Brain Dump

This is where you write down ALL of your ideas about your business for 5 minutes.  Then (this is where I like to change my coloured pens) spend the next 5 minutes coming up with the most important questions related to that, things that you will need to find out moving forward. Finally (and another colour change for me!) spend the last 5 minutes of the brain dumping stage writing down ideas that influence it in regards to money/marketing. 

Step 2: Remember, no idea is a bad idea:  It’s super important not to give good or bad value to anything you’ve written down. This is the stage where you just take in all that you have written and, since you’ve now completed the brain dump stage what we are looking for in the process of taking it all in is to feedback on all of the ideas with no right or wrong. 

Step 3: Assess the questions:  Go through the questions that you wrote down one at a time. Expand on those a little – if you have someone to share them with even better, they can give you additional ideas and perspectives that can be really valuable.

Obviously, this is not the entire process and you can do it by yourself. I offer it as a part of my packages because working the problem with someone is incredibly valuable.

With that said, I believe that if you do choose to do this then the key to success is to make sure you’re doing it with the right people—people who will help you to expand your your thought process. 

My tips for brainstorming with others:

DO NOT brainstorm with:  

  • People who are struggling with their own limiting beliefs. 
  • People who have negative views on ways to make money.  
  • Someone who is particularly negative.  
  • Someone who does not appreciate that they may not understand what you’re doing but that’s ok.  
  • Someone who is led by their own fears. 

DO brainstorm with:  

  • Someone who is can be open minded and is supportive of the lifestyle you want to create for yourself
  • Someone that is not afraid to think big  
  • Someone that feels comfortable sharing their opinions in a respectful way  
  • Someone that likes to try new things and throws themselves into their experiences 
  • Someone is positive and excited about life, work/business! 

They don’t need to be in your industry or want the same things as you. Sometimes an outside perspective is just what you need to expand your own thought process.

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Catch you later, Amy x