I don’t always know what I want or have a plan to get it. I do like a target and a plan, I almost always aim further afield because I like surprising myself but it’s more because I know myself. If I focus on the distant future too much I get exhausted with the knowledge of everything I should do in order to get there, it’s like running a practise marathon the day before the real thing. I even liken that kind of fatigue to everyone in the room all talking to you at once and you, expecting yourself to register everything they say.

I want to jack it all in sometimes. The business, living in polite society, cooking for myself, having to earn my own money, wearing anything other than leggings, vitamins…I think you know what I’m talking about.

But then I think about what I want and it’s probably a version of what you want and so I project manage the shit out of the little steps. 

I find that when I really get the urge to walk away it’s because of 2 things – 

  1. I am on the last leg before something wonderful happens and am in that ‘so close but so far’ stage and/or..
  2. I have lost sight of the things I want because I am not focusing on the bite size chunks but instead I’m taking my wants in the form of an eternity pool of to do’s

I can talk to you all day about getting laser focused. It’s one of the things I work through during my workshops, there’s also a shed load of free content on the old interweb if you want a helping hand. 

The thing none of those things tell you though is that this fatigue is a milestone you should accept. It’s a sign that you have worked hard (like achy legs after gym day) that fatigue is a good thing – as long as you acknowledge it, respect it and accept that sometimes a short break looking after your soul and your body will re energise your mind.

The fatigue is the point where you get to take that deep breath in and take your next leap forward. If you have hit that wall like I did and like we all will from time to time in our business then you should know you’re not alone.

If quitting is running around in your mind and you can’t shake that it may be your next step but just aren’t sure then I can tell you I’ve been there too. I chose to stick it out but my life and business evolved in ways that mean I no longer recognise it from its previous self. It’s been a huge blessing in disguise and I am so glad I held on.

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Catch you later, Amy x