At the beginning of 2019 I found myself lurching forward with big plans and dynamic dreams. Within 3 months I knew it wasn’t going to happen, not on the scale nor in the way I had planned.

Since starting The Amy Johnson I have worked my bum off to build an authentic and valuable business that supports other women building their own dreams. I have shared my experience with my clients, friends and followers alike and I have done so with love and considerable thought. I have been incredibly well supported and have a handful of glorious clients who have afforded me the opportunity to see them launch headfirst into their own dreams, changing their lives with every step they’ve taken in their businesses and it has been wonderful.

There have been a number of significant changes to my personal life in this time and I made the decision to step back for 6 months, complete my contracts and to not actively sell. I have been incredibly fortunate not to have to market myself or my experience as most of my clients came from other avenues – people who had worked with me in my previous careers and understood what I could bring to the table and knew my work ethic and motivations.

Maybe I should have known better but I came back to business in September and with an expectation that I would always have that kind of access to potential clients which, of course, isn’t the case. I also still wanted to stick to my no active sell year which runs up to Dec 31st.

For the first time since going out there on my own I realise that I am going to have to do more. You see the people that I can really help and that I really want to work with haven’t met me yet and I am the one responsible for becoming a part of their circles.

This realisation has come with a gargantuan confidence wobble. I actually feel incredibly vulnerable, like I am sharing in a way that is cap in hand, begging you to love me and want to work with me. All whilst trying to navigate a no sell year, and existing commitments with other amazing clients.

I admit it, I am ashamed that I haven’t addressed this sooner and that yes, I want positive reinforcement and maybe, just maybe, I want to start selling some stuff that I am super proud of without being that arse that’s hard selling everything except the kitchen sink.

I don’t find it easy to ask for help and I don’t find it easy to share the most needy part of myself but I am one of those smilers in life. If it’s really shitty then look out for me, I’ll be the person with a positive perspective and that is mostly what I try to convey on my social media accounts (particularly my IG @TheAmyJohnsonSD ) and I think, particularly at this time of year that it’s important to share that vulnerability with you.

We are all vulnerable and needy from time to time. We all worry about the next sales and clients and whether we are good enough.

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Catch you later, Amy x