I try to share all the good, bad and ugly of building a business in this online world as a woman, mother and self confessed introvert. When it is going well I cannot find the words to share how amazing it is. But if you want to go freelance, here’s a few things to think about.

You wake up ready to take everything on, you’re productive, fun and full of that kind of charisma you see on Oprah from incredible business women. YOU HAVE GOT THIS.

But, it would be remiss of me not to discuss with you some of the pitfalls too. Like the fact that I realised I hadn’t left the house for over a week except to walk the dog recently. Or the lack of understanding over your schedule with the ones you love (Yes, often I have to remind people that I am actually doing my job at 11am in the morning – even though I’m wearing leggings and share the desk with my Jack Russell)

Money and what it means when you want to go freelance

Money Butterfly, want to go freelance

Lets kick straight into the money talk because lets face it, it’s normally the thing that either holds you back from or entices you to start working for yourself. There are a few key points to remember about money.

  1. Nobody and I mean nobody is an overnight success. Anyone selling you a get rich quick idea needs to step off so that you can build a get rich well business.
  2. Taxes, these aren’t as scary as you think BUT there are ways to make that process better. Leaving them till the last possible second and then realising you can’t login and have to request access and are then past the time limit is not one of them (guilty!). No, preparation and organisation may not be sexy but both of those things are sanity savers and will prevent you from getting unnecessary fines. Look with love at your simple system and let that bad boy look after you the way he should.
  3. You wont be able to draw the exact same money every month as a salary for a while. It will be up and down and will only really start becoming regular when you’re better established. That’s not to say you can’t be established in 3 months it’s just a reminder that you don’t have a boss therefore it’s not someone elses job to pay you.
  4. You should always know 2 things a) your survival budget – you know that base amount you need to cover each month to live and b) that you may need to do other things at the start to help you support your business dream (for example side hustles.) and that’s ok.

You will have to put yourself out there if you want to go freelance

Showing up when you want to go freelance

My first 3 clients were all people I had previously worked with, after that I realised that clients were not going to fall into my lap. I am naturally quite shy and whilst I mask this very well, the process of putting myself out there is still something I find really bloody hard. If you want to establish yourself quickly this will be one of the biggest keysto your success.

  1. In person networking
  2. Online networking
  3. Instagram Stories
  4. Podcasts
  5. You Tube videos
  6. Facebook lives
  7. Telling everyone you meet what you do and leaving them with a way to connect with you
  8. Pitching

None of these come naturally to me and yet I still have to do them. If you really can’t face them then I think your only way around building an authentic presence is to throw money at ads and even then it’s not guaranteed.

If you want to go freelance make sure you schedule time off

Book and tea and pink flowers for time off

This is something that is essential to your success but is also one of the hardest things to sort out. I cross out every Wednesday and make sure I have that off. I also make sure that I do the same if we are going away BUT often in the early stages of business it feels impossible. For one you are constantly thinking about the business and just don’t switch off and two if you’re not working you may not be earning.

This might mean that at the start you have to front load time off (do an extra piece of paid work leading up to the time off in order to cover the lost income whilst you’re off) or you may have to still work whilst you’re away if so you’ll need to set yourself strict guidelines around this.

Either way, time off can be challenging but it is essential!

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Catch you later,

Amy x

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