Per all the advice I was given, I spent a lot of time crafting my ‘elevator’ pitch when I started as a Virtual Assistant many moons ago now. It’s not as easy as it sounds and honestly I have no idea why but I found it a little sleazy – it reminded me of my first forays into online dating.

Trying to encapsulate what I do, whilst being alluring and interesting (but not giving too much away or sounding desperate) as well as being a little bit evocative was a difficult and I felt like it was ever shifting as my business evolved – my elevator pitch felt like it was based in quick sand.

When I changed my business model from Virtual Assistance to being a Business Support Strategist it became even harder and again, as my business grows and changes so does the ever elusive elevator pitch.

My biggest frustration as a VA and indeed when I was employed was that much of what I did was about problem solving, looking for solutions in a place where others had gotten stuck but, in my designated roles I was limited with what I was able to achieve for my clients and customers.

In my employed jobs it was limits due to red tape/poor protocols and processes and management that wanted to invest nothing in their customers experience and still expected a positive outcome. In my business it was because I was desperately trying to not burn myself out by being everything to everyone but I had become a Virtual Assistant/fixer/problem solver/strategist. I loved them all but as a working business I couldn’t sustain it all.

Since I couldn’t support in the way that my clients and I really needed me to it was only right that I change my business model but how on earth do you describe something like what I do when it’s so individual and flexible a process?

Do you focus on the end goal which is different for every client. Or do you describe the bullet point process?

Business Support Strategy in itself is a simple concept.

We work together to breakdown what you’re currently doing in your business and figure out what does and what doesn’t align with your goal (btw I feel like I’m trying to be down with the kids when I use buzzwords like that so imagine my cringe face right now!). Then, together we breakdown the next necessary steps and skills you need in order to achieve your business goals.

Most importantly we then implement the strategy by taking action, together.

Effectively I work on a consultant basis, I am your sounding board, your business bestie (eurgh, another one of those buzzwords!). I’m your research buddy and your support system. We use different methods – workshops, tool kits, other resources and any of the necessary contacts at my disposal to support the plan and get momentum on that elusive goal.

The key to creating a workable strategy to move your business forward, to allocate your support needs and to take appropriate dynamic action, is to ensure it is bespoke to your business.

Business, Support, Strategy.

Bespoke to your business.

I hate the limits we place on ourselves. ‘I Can’t afford it’, ‘I don’t know what my goal is’, ‘I don’t know where to start’, ‘I’m a loner’, ‘I don’t want to commit myself to more outgoings’, ‘I just want a blueprint’

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Catch you later, Amy x