It’s so cool to have you here, reading my blog and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking that you’ve found your way here. So, along with you being able to check out my archives for a little less ‘me me me’ if you want, I thought it was probably a good opportunity to talk about who I am, why I’m here and what I actually do.

First up here are my stats dating profile style…

Hi I’m Amy, I’m a 6ft 2″ woman of 37. I have a 14 year old son (soon to be 15) and a nutty Jack Russell. I have a boyfriend, I learned to drive when I was 33, I live in a wonderful village in Suffolk and I have a weakness for Yorkshire tea and egg custard tarts.

But here’s the thing, I don’t really recognise myself when I read that. I mean, yes, I am all those things but there is so much more and much of that is linked to my professional career and the things I have learned along the way.

I started my career in customer service when I was just 14 years old. I had left school and the job became my saving grace. I spent the next 8 years building up a career that was steeped in training, administration and customer service.

Then, the most entrepreneurial adventure of them all – I became a mother and several years later I became a single mother. You don’t know what multi-tasking is until you become a working single parent.

I continued to work my arse off and was fortunate enough to have my skills recognised and grew from promotion to promotion, my corporate career going from strength to strength. All whilst raising my son and maintaining a home and dreaming of a different better future for us both.

A few of the roles I’ve held and made significant positive strides in are receptionist, junior administrator, sales executive, senior administrator, learning facilitator, tutor, office manager, customer service coordinator, head of returns department, service coordinator, management support, customer care coordinator, customer care manager, customer relations manager, head of customer care. (These are in no particular order and all have provided valuable learning and insight)

One of the things I learned as I grew and changed (mostly once I became a parent and juggling the way only a single parent would understand) was that I was bored of being hemmed in by bureaucratic red tape and the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ mentality.

All of the businesses I had been in believed that they were visionary and in many ways were but thy still had their way of doing things and I was always limited with who I was allowed to help and how I was allowed to do it. You know what I mean, protocol and policy often cited that kind of corporate personality was becoming an obstacle for me.

I always believed that each individual brought their own strengths and skills and also that each person – integral to each team, learned differently and could be so very much more. It always went against the grain to have a training programme or a method for upping the volume/sales/good feedback created for a specific personality type.

I wanted to be a multiplier of talent not a creator of replica executives. I got fed up of hearing businesses paraphrase the old favourite ‘think outside the box’ whilst being terrified of unleashing individuality and creativeness from within their existing team.

I gravitated towards those I worked with that could see that the only box people had to think outside of was the one of their own making and I 100% always found the entrepreneur in the room.

I took the decision to start my own business in May 2018 and it’s been a wild ride, an evolution and a wonderful and exciting journey but I realised recently that since I made the decision not to openly sell to you for the rest of the year, you may not actually know what I do.

My years in the corporate rat race and my dream of seeking out small business owners to talk to and draw inspiration from as well as find a way to help them to help themselves led me starting my business (terrible marketing strategy that one)

In a nutshell, I’m a ‘Business Support Strategist‘.

I use Zoom calls, individualised trainings, worksheets, printables and workshops to create and implement strategies designed to lead quality improvement in the chosen area.

It’s about helping small businesses to streamline, to get clear on why they’re overwhelmed. It’s about working together and being accountable. It’s about providing them with the tools, resources, connection and support they need to tame the damaging chaos in their businesses that they feel is holding them back and help them find their own excellence and inspiration to embrace the positive chaos that so badly wants to propel them forward.

My goal with my small business?

To work with as many female led small businesses as possible, helping them unlock their potential and realise the next stage of their business whatever they dream of.

If you’re considering working with me then click the button below to see what your options are.

Catch you later, Amy x